Super-Easy DIY Pillow Covers in less than 15 minutes!

I have a fun, easy, money-saving tutorial for you today - Super-Easy DIY Pillow Covers!

orange print pillows on a couch

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Have you seen the price of decorative pillows lately? Good grief! I don't care - even if I win the lottery, I will never pay $100 for a throw pillow. As a matter of fact, I don't even want to pay $25. My goal is to keep it under $10.

What's that? You don't know how to sew? You don't have a sewing machine? That's okay - you can still make these pillow covers with just a few substitutions!

What you'll need:


ONE: Measure your pillow(s). The ones I'm covering are 17" square. I'm going to make my pillow covers 1" smaller than the pillows so that the covers fit snugly and the pillows look plump. If you like a looser fit, make the finished cover the same size as the pillow.

rust pillow with measuring tape

TWO: Measure and cut your fabric.  I used pinking shears to cut my fabric to prevent fraying. Ideally, my fabric would be cut 17"X38", but I wanted to get two pillow covers out of 1 yard of fabric, so I cut it 17"X36". (Hey, I'm all about maximizing my potential!!) What this means is that the overlap on the back of the pillow isn't going to be "overlapped" enough to keep it completely closed - but I have a remedy for that.

orange print fabric, measuring tape, scissors on a table

THREE: Hem the two short sides. Working with the 17" sides, I ironed a 1/4" hem on both, then stitched it into place.

orange print fabric

orange fabric

FOUR: Fold the fabric and stitch the two long sides. Lay the fabric right side up on the table, with the long sides at the top and bottom. Take the short sides and fold them so they overlap - usually close to the middle is best. (I placed mine closer to the edge with the floral print because I'm doing something different with it - you'll see in a minute.) How much they overlap depends upon the length of your fabric. Since mine was only 35.5" after hemming, and I want the finished cover to be 16"X16", my overlap will only be 3.5".  If you make it 5-6" it will stay closed and not require any Velcro. Pin long sides in place.

print fabric

print fabric, measuring tape

print fabric, straight pin

FIVE: Stitch the two long sides. Use whatever seam allowance that makes your pillow cover the size you need it to be. My folded fabric measured 17" across, and I wanted it to be 16", so I used a 1/2" seam allowance. I don't like my pillow covers to have super-pointy corners, so when I stitched the long sides, I rounded the corners. This is purely optional. If you like super-pointy corners, then just make the corners straight. Trim corners and any other seams that need it.

print fabric

print fabric

SIX: Turn right side out and insert pillow. That's pretty much it!!

All you need to do is use Stitch Witchery to make your seams. When I say "sew" or "stitch" in the directions, you just close the seams with Stitch Witchery instead!

print fabric

print fabric on pillow

Now for my "adjustments" - and just to show you that everything doesn't always have to be perfect or follow the directions exactly...

Because my overlap was lacking, I needed something to help hold the cover closed. I used fusible Velcro squares. They're very easy to use - you just stick it on, iron it for 90 seconds, let it cool, and you're good to go.

print fabric pillow cover with velcro

On one pillow, I decided to put the overlap "flap" in the front. I added the Velcro, then I hand-stitched three decorative buttons along the edge. Love it!!

print pillow cover with decorative buttons

print pillow cover with buttons

print pillow cover with buttons

print pillows on a couch

The covers are easily removed for washing or changing for a different season, redecorating, etc.

print pillows on a couch

I cut out fabric for 6 covers. It's really fast and easy to do a bunch at one time. Just do each step for ALL the covers before moving onto the next step. You could easily finish 6 covers in less than an hour. And check out these prices:

Fabric (enough for 6 pillows) $21 (I bought mine at Jo-Ann's for 40% off)
Buttons $3 (bought a small bag of them at Michael's on sale & add'l 25% off)
Velcro $3 (also bought at Michael's, 25% off)
Price per pillow cover - less than $5!!!

We're going to be using these pillows on the deck, so they're part of a major deck makeover. There are other pillows that will have different embellishments, so I'll show you those in another post!

Check out this tutorial on recovering round pillows - and these fabric and button flowers that can be used to embellish your pillows!

If you give this tutorial a try, I'd love to see your creations! Leave a comment here, on Instagram, or Snapchat!

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