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Adventures of Gus and Kim: Where to Stay in Sandestin, Florida - Fairways

Adventures of Gus and Kim: Where to Stay in Sandestin, Florida - Fairways

As some of you already know, Gus and I have been vacationing in the Destin area for 20+ years. It's one of our favorite parts of Florida, and we always enjoy our time there.

When our kids were younger, we always stayed in the heart of Destin. But the past several years, we've drifted further east to the Sandestin/Miramar Beach area. The beaches in this area are fabulous and we love being closer to 30-A with all of its amazing eateries.

Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort in Miramar Beach has something for everyone in the family!
one of the Sandestin pools

One of our favorite spots is the Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort. Whatever your preference is for vacation - beachfront, beachside, in the middle of all the nightlife, on the golf course, or in a quiet family neighborhood - Sandestin has it. We've stayed at both Le Jardin and Lasada in Baytowne Wharf, and our latest adventures brought us to the Fairways.

Baytowne Wharf in Sandestin has activities for the kids, night life, and great restaurants!
Buddy at Baytowne Wharf

The Fairways is considered bayside, and while a few of the cottages do have a slight view of the bay, most are on the golf course (some with lake views), and some have a dock on a lagoon. These homes are nestled back in the pines and there are miles of bike/walking paths that wind all over the resort.

We've stayed in Fairways three times at two different cottages. Today I'm going to be talking about the one we stayed at twice. It is located on the golf course with a view of one of the lakes. We found it through VRBO/Home Away, contacted the owner, and then since there was such good feedback for her, we finished our transaction directly with her. We frequently use Home Away when planning a vacation.

The Fairways condos in Sandestin are nestled in pine trees near the Choctawatchee Bay!
outside of 283 Fairways, Sandestin

This particular cottage is on the end, so we only had neighbors on one side. It has two floors, with the master bedroom, master bath, and a loft/second living room upstairs. The first floor has an open floor plan for the living room and dining area, with a large pass-through/bar to the kitchen, as well as another bedroom and bathroom.

This Fairways condo in Sandestin has a open, comfy living space!
view of  1st floor living room from 2nd floor

One of the first things I noticed upon walking into the condo is that the back wall is virtually all glass - sliding doors in the living room and a huge window in the dining room - which gives you a wonderful view. The living room has a very comfortable couch as well as three chairs, an ottoman, and a large flatscreen TV.

My favorite thing about this Fairways condo in Sandestin is it's spacious screened porch!
seating area on screened porch - access to storage closet with bikes, etc.

One of the best features of this house is the amazing screened porch. It's very large, very comfortable, and I want one! The door in the above photo is to a storage room with two adult touring bicycles, a child's bicycle, and plenty of beach accessories.

The view of the golf course and lake from this Fairways condo screened porch is so relaxing!
view from back of screened porch - additional outdoor seating on patio, golf course, lake

There are so many outdoor dining options here! There is a table with four chairs at one end of the screened porch, and another table with four chairs on the patio just outside the porch! And you'll see another one in a minute!

This Fairways condo has a nice side yard - perfect for kids to play!
view of side yard and golf course from side of screened porch

Since it's on the end, there is a large side yard, which would be great for kids. You enter this gorgeous screened porch from the living room. Guys, this porch is life. If someone asked me what I wanted when we retire, I could just show them a picture of this porch. With the ceiling fans running, it was so nice and cool out here.

I love the dining table in this Fairways condo!
Dining area, 1st floor

The dining room is part of the large open-concept living area. It has the best table ever! When we retire, I want a table just like this one. So yeah. I want a screened porch and this table! I sat at the far end every morning so that I could look out the huge window while I put on my makeup.

The view from the living and dining room in this Fairways condo is amazing!
View from windows on rear of condo

The picture above shows the view from the dining and living rooms.

One of two patios in this Fairways condo!
Patio with seating and grill - outside dining room window

This is another patio that is just outside the dining room window. Yet another table with four chairs and a large gas grill.

The kitchen in this Fairways condo is so well-stocked we didn't need to buy anything but food and drinks!
Kitchen/bar, 1st floor

As you can see above, there is a large pass-through/bar to the kitchen, which houses a stackable washer and dryer. The kitchen was so well stocked that we didn't need to buy anything other than food and drinks. Usually we end up buying trash bags, dishwasher detergent, toilet paper, paper towels, salt - but we didn't have to buy any of that and it was such a welcome change!

The guest bedroom in this Fairways condo has twin beds and access to the first floor bathroom!
Guest bedroom, 1st floor

The first floor guest bedroom has two twin beds. Buddy was with us for one of our stays here, so this was his room. I think he would have preferred at least a double bed, but it's a very nice room with plenty of closet space.

The guest bathroom in this Fairways condo can be accessed from the guest bedroom and the hall!
Guest bath, 1st floor

The bathroom on the first floor is accessible from the main entry/foyer and also from the guest bedroom.

The 2nd floor loft in this Fairways condo has a sleeper sofa, loveseat, TV, and DVD player.
Loft/second living room, 2nd floor

The stairs lead to the loft/second living room where there is a sleeper sofa, love seat, and a flatscreen TV with a DVD player. It's a great area either for adults staying in the master bedroom or for teens to set up their video games. (The furniture may be different now - the owner mentioned they were replacing it soon.)

The 2nd floor master bedroom in this Fairways condo has a spacious walk-in closet and comfy king bed.
Master  bedroom, 2nd floor

Also upstairs is the master bedroom. It has a huge walk-in closet and plenty of dresser space as well. The bed is very comfortable. The temperature does tend to be a little warmer upstairs (as is true for most second floors), but with the ceiling fan and a small box fan, it was a good temperature for sleeping.

The 2nd floor master bathroom is roomy and can be assessed from both the master bedroom and the loft.
Master bathroom, 2nd floor

The master bathroom is accessible from both the master bedroom and the loft area. The toilet, tub/shower is separated from the double sink vanity by a door . I loved all of the counter space!

As I mentioned earlier, we have stayed twice in this cottage. We would've stayed in it a third time, but it was unavailable for our dates. So as you can see, we really enjoy staying here. As a matter of fact, Gus and I have agreed that it is just about perfect. It would be our dream retirement home - even the colors and furniture - if it was all on one level (or Gus could just get me one of those stair lift chairs!)

Baytowne Wharf in Sandestin.
Baytowne Wharf in Sandestin

You could truly spend your entire vacation in the Sandestin Resort. Everything you need is right there. Restaurants, night life, jet ski, bike, and YOLO board rentals, pontoon boat rentals, fishing charters, dinner cruise, playgrounds, walking/bike trails, swimming pools, tennis courts, Adventure Zone, arcade, and laser maze in Baytowne Wharf, Spa Sandestin, and more. Another awesome feature is the tunnel that goes under Emerald Coast Parkway to connect the bayside of Sandestin to the ocean side! Easy access to the beach (and beachfront activities) for those staying on the bay side, and also easy access to Baytowne Wharf for those staying on the ocean side. Did I mention Grand Boulevard? It's just outside the gated access to Sandestin, and you can easily take a bike or golf cart there without going on the main parkway. There's a movie theater, shops, restaurants, a liquor store, grocery store, and more! Are you starting to see why we love staying here?

The Fairways condos in Sandestin are nestled in pine trees near the Choctawatchee Bay!

To read more about places in/near Sandestin, you can check out my posts on Breakfast in Destin - Sunset Bay CafeBreakfast in Destin - Another Broken Egg CafeTop 10 Places To Eat in Destin (2018), Sandestin 2012 - Baytowne Wharf, Sandestin 2012 - Le Jardin, Sandestin 2012 - out & about. I will warn you that the last three (Sandestin 2012) need to be updated. They're older posts that could use a little love! I'm hoping to get to them soon.

Where's your favorite place to stay on vacation?

Did you know? Subscribers have access to the members-only area where there is a printable list of the Top 10 Places to Eat in Destin (including addresses, hours, and more), as well as printable recipes! You can subscribe here!
Kim A.
What are peptides and why do I need them in my anti-aging routine?

What are peptides and why do I need them in my anti-aging routine?

I talk about anti-aging frequently here on the blog. A good number of the products recommended to fight the signs of aging contain peptides. Most of us have heard the word "peptides" and know we're supposed to use them in our anti-aging routine, but what are they and why should we use them? How do they work?

Matrixyl is a peptide that works by tricking the skin into thinking it needs to produce collagen and make repairs.

(This post may contain affiliate links which were added to make it easier for you to find the items. If you click on an affiliate link and make a purchase, I will receive a small commission (at no extra cost to you). You are free to use the links or not - if you do, I thank you!)

Today I'll do my best to make the answers to these questions "user-friendly" and not sound like a chemistry lesson!

What is a peptide?
In the most basic explanation possible: Peptides are fragments of proteins made up of amino acids. When you see a prefix (tri-, tetra-, oligo-) attached to -peptide, it indicates the number of bonds (amino acids) present. So palmitoyl tripeptide-38 (Matrixyl synthe'6) has three bonds, acetyl hexapeptide-8 (Argireline) has six bonds, and so on.

How do peptides work?
Different peptides do different things. Matrixyl (commonly used in anti-aging products) works by "tricking" the skin into thinking it has been damaged and needs to make more collagen. For those of us who have mature skin in which collagen production has slowed down, this is very important in keeping skin firm. Other peptides, like Argireline, work by blocking neurotransmitters to the muscles - which makes contractions weaker and allows the muscle to relax. This can help diminish lines caused by repetitive facial movements in areas such as crow's feet and the forehead.

The Ordinary "Buffet" Peptide Serum contains multiple peptides!

Some of the more common anti-aging peptides and how they work:

Matrixyl™ 3000 (palmitoyl oligopeptide & palmitoyl tetrapeptide-7): made up of two peptides that trick the skin into thinking that there is damage that needs to be repaired, causing the skin to make more collagen. There is also the original Matrixyl (palmitoyl pentapeptide, but Matrixyl 3000 is supposed to be more potent. (This can be found in products like The Ordinary's Matrixyl 10% + HA, their "Buffet" serum, and Timeless Matrixyl 3000 Serum.)

Matrixyl™ synthe'6™ (palmitoyl tripeptide-38): acts on skin cells, triggering collagen remodeling and repair, as well as hyaluronic acid production. Basically, it makes the skin behave more like it did when it was younger, which allows it to rebuild from the inside out. (This is found in products like The Ordinary's "Buffet" serum and Timeless Synthe'6 Serum.)

Argireline (acetyl hexapeptide-8): blocks signals from nerves to the muscles, which prevents the muscle from contracting. Limiting the contraction of the muscle helps reduce lines/wrinkles that were caused by the repetitive movements of those muscles. (Found in products like The Ordinary's Argireline 10% Solution.)

Argirelox™ (acetyl hexapeptide-8, pentapeptide-18): also works by reducing the contraction of the muscles. The manufacturer says that there is almost three times as great wrinkle reduction when used in conjunction with Botox (using it between injections). (You can find this in products like The Ordinary's "Buffet" serum.)

Syn®-Ake (dipeptide diaminobutyroyl benzylamide diacetate or tripeptide-3): relaxes the muscles that create wrinkles by blocking neurotransmissions between nerves and muscles. Some studies have shown that this has a greater effect than Argireline. (Found in products like The Ordinary's "Buffet" serum, Platinum Skin Care's Synake Complex 50.

Palmitoyl Pentapeptide-4 (also called "Matrixyl and Palmitoyl Pentapeptide-3"): small molecule that easily penetrates skin, communicating with cells and programming them to do things like repair. One study found that this peptide is as effective as retinol on sun damage, but without the side effects, while other studies showed various improvements in wrinkles. (This is found in products like Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Serum and Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream.)

Argireline works by blocking signals between nerves and muscles, inhibiting the muscle contraction.

These are just a few of the peptides out there, and more are being created everyday. So which ones should we use? Or do we need all of them?

I don't think there is a definitive answer to "which ones should I use". My personal approach is to give them all a try (not necessarily at the same time!). I believe that skincare is like medication, exercise or even relaxation techniques - what works for me might not be the best for you. But in order to know which ones work best for you, you're going to have to do some testing.

If I could only add one peptide to my routine, it would be Matrixyl 3000. I think it should be in everyone's anti-aging arsenal. If you have "expression" lines from repetitive facial movements, adding at least one of the peptides that works by disrupting the transmission between nerves and muscles would be a good idea.

Find out  more about peptides and why we should include them in our anti-aging routines!

What do I use? I have products that contain all of the peptides I mentioned above - and probably more. I also use antioxidants, niacinamide, hyaluronic acid, and ceramides (among other things). There are blog posts where you can see my morning and evening routines.

And you know I can't end without saying (once again): Use a good UVA/UVB sunscreen daily! It's the single most important thing you can do for your skin. If you don't use a sunscreen, then all of the work the peptides and other anti-aging actives do will be undone by the damage from the sun. (My favorite sunscreens)

What is your favorite anti-aging product? Why do you like it? Tell me in the comments or connect with me on Instagram and Snapchat!

Also - just a note to let you know that my back surgery is scheduled for Thursday, so any prayers, good vibes, or anything positive you want to put out there for me would be greatly appreciated. I have a few blog posts that are scheduled while I'm recuperating, but I will probably only have one post per week until I know how long I will be out of commission. Thanks so much!!

Kim A.
Adventures of Gus and Kim: Dining in Lexington, Kentucky - Malone's

Adventures of Gus and Kim: Dining in Lexington, Kentucky - Malone's

How delicious does this blackened mahi-mahi topped with prawns over whipped potatoes look? Good enough to eat, right?

Blackened mahi over whipped potatoes at Malone's in Lexington, KY

A few weeks ago, Gus and I were in Lexington for the day, and we decided to eat dinner while we were there. We had been to Harry's (and enjoyed it) when Lulu graduated from pharmacy school, so we decided to go there again.

Harry's and Malone's are both part of the Bluegrass Hospitality Group, along with Drake's, Aqua Sushi, OBC Kitchen, and Malone's Prime Events & Receptions. We went to the Hamburg location, where Malone's, Harry's and Aqua Sushi are all in the same building.

Malone's / Harry's - one of our favorite places to eat in Lexington, KY

I think it's awesome that you can order from any of the three restaurants, regardless of where you're seated. We intended to order from the Harry's menu (love their mini cheeseburger platter!), but we both ended up ordering from the Malone's menu. Can I just say WOW?!

Malone's / Harry's - one of our favorite places to eat in Lexington, KY

First, the restaurant has a great ambiance. I would call it casual elegance. We were in shorts, as were many people, but there were also people in business casual dress. The waitstaff was outstanding. I wish I could remember our waiter's name because he went above and beyond.

Malone's / Harry's - one of our favorite places to eat in Lexington, KY

Now let's talk about the food. Bread is life. Or it was until I developed insulin resistance. At home I eat low-carb bread, but occasionally, if a restaurant has exceptionally good bread, I will eat a piece. I confess - I had two pieces of this bread!! Yum!

Delicious bread at Malone's in Lexington, KY

Next up was the Bottomless Lexington salad. They bring a large bowl and two plates to your table - and they will bring as many refill bowls as you want. The salad consists of mixed greens, tomato, bacon, and house-made creamy herb dressing. I usually prefer my dressing on the side, but this was perfect. I think I could probably make a meal out of this salad - it's so good!

Bottomless Lexington salad at Malone's in Lexington, KY

As you saw in the first photo, Gus ordered the blackened mahi-mahi over whipped potatoes. He loved it so much that he has already said he wants to come back in August for his birthday dinner!

I ordered their anniversary special - 6 oz. filet, side item, and salad for $20. This was seriously one of the best filets I've ever had in my life. Definitely on par with Harbor Docks in Destin. And it was cooked to perfection. I like my steak rare - but warm in the center - which should be medium rare. But a lot of restaurants seem to think medium rare is really medium, and there is only pink in the center, not red. I splurged and ordered a baked potato with butter and sour cream as my side. I had a difficult time choosing between the baked potato and the mac-n-cheese, but the potato won. This time. (Warning: There is a photo of my filet below, and it's medium rare. If the sight of red steak bothers you, scroll by quickly!)

One pound baked potato at Malone's in Lexington, KY

Medium rare six ounce filet mignon at Malone's in Lexington, KY

By the time we were finished eating, we were stuffed. But the dessert menu had two of Gus' favorites: coconut cream pie and crème brûlée. We decided to share the crème brûlée there, and get the coconut cream pie to go. Sooooo good!!

Crème brûlée at Malone's in Lexington, KY

Coconut cream pie at Malone's in Lexington, KY

A note about the coconut cream pie: Gus ended up not liking it because there was coconut in the filling. He prefers his coconut cream pie to have smooth filling with coconut only on top. So I ate the pie. If the best cheesecake in the world and a coconut cream pie had a baby, it would taste like this pie. It was the BEST coconut cream pie I've ever had - and I don't like coconut cream pie - or cheesecake!

If you're in the Lexington area and are wondering where to eat lunch or dinner, we recommend Malone's/Harry's in Hamburg. There's something for everyone (kids are welcome), and you'll be glad you stopped in!

Malone's is one of our favorite places to eat in Lexington, KY - be sure to give it a try!

Malone's Hamburg
1920 Pleasant Ridge Drive
Lexington, Kentucky  40509
(859) 264-8023
Hours: 11am - 10:30pm daily
(This location also houses Harry's and Aqua Sushi)

Do you have a favorite place to eat in Lexington or the surrounding area? If so, would you let me know? We're always looking for new places to try! Tell me in the comments, on Instagram or Snapchat

Kim A.
Product Review: Matrixyl 10% + HA by The Ordinary

Product Review: Matrixyl 10% + HA by The Ordinary

Several months ago, I switched from using The Ordinary's "Buffet" Peptide Serum to their Matrixyl 10% + HA and Argireline Solution 10% as part of an experiment.

Bottle of Matrixyl 10% + HA from The Ordinary, along with the box it comes in

(This post may contain affiliate links which were added to make it easier for you to find the items. If you click on an affiliate link and make a purchase, I will receive a small commission (at no extra cost to you). You are free to use the links or not - if you do, I thank you!)

I wanted to see if one routine worked better for my skin - or not. Using both the Matrixyl 10% + HA and Argireline Solution 10%  isn't a perfect "dupe" for the "Buffet". The Buffet serum contains Matrixyl™ 3000, Matrixyl™ synthe'6™, SYN™-AKE, and ARGIRELOX™. The Matrixyl 10% + HA contains Matrixyl™ 3000 and Matrixyl™ synthe'6™, and then I added the Argireline product. So they were similar, but not exactly the same. (I also have a review on the Argireline 10% Solution.)

Matrixyl 10% + HA from The Ordinary in the dropper so that you can see it's a clear serum

The Matrixyl 10% + HA comes packaged in a one ounce frosted glass bottle with a dropper top. It's a clear serum very similar in looks and consistency to The Ordinary's Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% , "Buffet ", and Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5.

It's very easy to apply. I usually put three drops in a dampened palm, gently rub both palms together, then apply to my face, neck, and decollete. After that, I rub my hands like I'm applying lotion to distribute any remaining serum on the back of my hands. It absorbs quickly and only leaves a slight tackiness behind. Once I apply my other skin care products, there isn't any tackiness left. It doesn't interfere with any of my other skin care products or makeup.

Ingredients in Matrixyl 10% + HA from The Ordinary listed on the side of the product box

Here are my thoughts. The Matrixyl 10% + HA is a great product and I would recommend it to anyone. However, for myself, I prefer the Buffet - and I'll be purchasing the new "Buffet" + Copper Peptides 1% soon. I like the convenience of one product with many different actives. I do think that I will continue to use the Argireline along with the Buffet to see if that increases my results.

Bottle of Matrixyl 10% + HA from The Ordinary along with the box it comes in

If you have sensitivities or only want to add Matrixyl to your routine, the Matrixyl 10% + HA would be a good choice. And it's easy on the wallet. I don't think you can go wrong with any of The Ordinary's serums!

Pinnable image of the Matrixyl 10% + HA from The Ordinary with a heading indicating it is a product review

Don't forget - you can shop my favorite products here! My own shop - I Feel Pretty Products is also now connected to the blog.

Do you use Matrixyl in your anti-aging routine? What do you feel is the most important anti-aging ingredient?

Kim A.
Tuesday Brewsday: Blue Stallion Brewing Company - Lexington, Kentucky

Tuesday Brewsday: Blue Stallion Brewing Company - Lexington, Kentucky

A couple of weeks ago, we were in Lexington with Lulu and Bruce, checking out possible wedding/reception venues. So. Much. Fun! Naturally, we stopped at a brewery because, really, can you go to Lexington without visiting one of their many breweries? I don't think so!

Lulu and I chose Blue Stallion Brewing Company. She and Bruce had been there when they lived in Lexington and it's one of her favorites. Gus and I had never been there, but I sneaked a peek at their beer list and knew I would enjoy it (hello, Gose and stout!!).

Tuesday Brewsday: One of my favorite breweries in Lexington, KY - Blue Stallion Brewing Company! Love their Sweet Fudgin' MIlk Stout!

Blue Stallion Brewing is located on Third Street, and is right next to the railroad track. Which made Gus sooooo happy, because he is a total train geek, and a train was going by just as we got out of the car. (He rushed right over!)

Train outside Blue Stallion Brewing Company in Lexington!

Their space is pretty big. I thought it was much bigger on the inside than it appeared outside. There is the main taproom...

Taproom at Blue Stallion Brewing Company in Lexington!

with the brewing area off to the right...

Fermentors at Blue Stallion Brewing Company in Lexington!

And another large room with couches and tables and chairs (this photo only shows a small portion of the room - and the sun wasn't cooperating with my photography)...they also have a loft area that I believe they rent out for parties/events. Just off the room with the couches and tables is a room with a pool table.

Inside Blue Stallion Brewing Company in Lexington!

They have some outdoor seating as well.

Outdoor seating at Blue Stallion Brewing Company in Lexington!

Monday through Saturday, Dad's Favorite Deli serves food inside the brewery from 11am to 9pm. On Sunday, Rico's Empanadas (food truck) serves from 11am to around 7pm.

Flight of beer at Blue Stallion Brewing Company in Lexington!
left to right: Helles, Hefeweizen, Pilsner, Dunkel, and Ya Damn Skippy Peanut Butter Porter

You'll notice in the list of "favorites" below, I only have two listed. There are a couple of reasons for this:
1) I hadn't eaten and didn't want to drink much until I ate (Gus & I were going to Malone's - I'll be  posting a review soon!)
2) Gus guzzled down his flight while I was busy talking and I didn't get a chance to sample any!

So my favorites were both of the beers I actually got to drink!

Lexipolitan at Blue Stallion Brewing Company in Lexington!
Lexipolitan - pomegranate lime hibiscus gose (collboration with Ethereal Brewing)

My favorites* (both were soooooo good!):
  • Lexipolitan (Pomegranate Lime Hibiscus Gose - collab with Ethereal Brewing)
  • Sweet Fudgin' Milk Stout
Gus' favorites*:
  • Helles
  • Hefeweizen
  • Pilsner
  • Dunkel
  • Ya Damn Skippy (Porter with peanut butter)

Sweet Fudgin' Milk Stout at Blue Stallion Brewing Company in Lexington!
Sweet Fudgin' Milk Stout

I really enjoyed the Lexipolitan and Sweet Fudgin' Milk Stout. Goses are one of my most favorite styles of beer - as is a sweet chocolatey stout - and these two were superb. I'm pretty sure Gus enjoyed his flight because he downed them in record time. Usually I can sneak a taste or two - but not this time!

Right now, their beer is being served in Lexington, Louisville, and Central and Western Kentucky - but their website indicates that it's coming soon to Northern Kentucky! Can't wait!! Also, on May 24 of this year, they started selling 6-packs of their Dunkel and Helles in the taproom. This was just a limited run, so they probably won't last long!

Tuesday Brewsday: One of my favorite breweries in Lexington, KY - Blue Stallion Brewing Company! Love their Sweet Fudgin' MIlk Stout!

We will definitely be back because there are several beers I still want to try, and Gus is a fan as well! They have a really nice space - lots of indoor and outdoor areas to sit, so if you want a great place to hang out in Lex (that happens to also have great beer), you need to stop by Blue Stallion Brewing!

Here's where/when you can find them:
Blue Stallion Brewing Company
610 W. Third Street
Lexington, Kentucky  40508

Monday - Thursday 11am - 11pm
Friday - Saturday 11am - 12am
Sunday 11am - 10pm

Dad's Favorite Deli serving in taproom:
Monday - Saturday 11am - 9pm

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Do you have a favorite brewery? Tell me about it - we're always looking for new ones to try! If you're interested in following along on our food/drinking adventures, be sure to find me on Instagram and Snapchat - I share a lot there that doesn't make it on the blog.

*A note about our beer preferences:
Me: witbier, Hefeweizen, fruit beer, Berliner Weisse, Gose, blonde ale, white ale, non-coffee-flavored stouts, Kentucky common ale, ginger beer, some saisons, and some Scotch ales
Gus: witbier, Hefeweizen, blonde ale, red ale, Belgian tripel, Kentucky common ale
Buddy: IPA, fruit beer, Berliner Weisse, Gose, blonde ale, red ale, stouts (especially coffee-flavored), porter, Belgian tripel, Belgian quad, saison
Kim A.