About Me

Email: enjoytheviewblog@gmail.com

Welcome to my blog, where we dream big, 
laugh lots, and wear high heels!

My name is Kim, and I've been married to Gus for 33 years. We have two children: Buddy (31) and Lulu (30).

I wear a lot of hats - wife, mom, small business owner, blogger, traveler, empty-nester, craft beer enthusiast, and beach lover. My blog is about some of the things that make me smile:

  • Beauty: I'm all about looking as good as possible for your current age.
  • Travel: I love to talk about where to stay, where to eat, and fun things to do! (Hint: we love visiting beaches and breweries!)
  • Life as empty-nesters: I like to show people that this can be the best time of their life. More free time and more disposal income = FUN!
  • This and that: You might see me blog about updating your home, organizing your daily planner, crafts - just anything that we're currently doing as empty-nesters.

Remember - life's more fun when you stop to enjoy the view!

Here are some things you might not know about me:

  • have a 16 yr. old cat named Angus (AKA Goosey, Goosey Mon (in a Jamaican accent), and Homicidal Psycho Jungle Cat)
  • have a 9 month old chocolate Schnoodle named Fergus (AKA "Gus")
  • was raised in a teeny-tiny rural Appalachian town in Ohio
  • moved to Kentucky 14 years ago, after living in Ohio for 45 years
  • worked as a nurse for 19 years, but retired in 2001
  • homeschooled Buddy & Lulu for 8 years 
  • fast for 18-20 hours daily and usually don't eat sugar or processed food
I love...
  • margaritas, bourbon, and craft beer - but not together
  • shoes
  • makeup
  • the beach
  • the color pink
  • tattoos
  • manis & pedis
  • pan-seared salmon
  • Instagram & Snapchat
  • The Walking Dead & Doctor Who

I hate...
  • coffee
  • waiting in line
  • that clothing designers and/or store buyers think that if you're petite and/or over 40, you must want to wear polyester, large prints, elastic-waist paints, and appliqued sweaters (which is fine if you want to, but not everyone petite and over 40 wants to!)
  • camping (when you grow up in rural Appalachia, your childhood is like a 15 year camping trip)
  • cold weather
  • people who don't do what they say they will
  • spam (both email & the canned kind)
  • when someone tries to tell me that I'm too old to wear/do/say something

I hope you'll stick around and read a few things - and then come back to read more!