About Me

Kim from {enjoy the view} blog

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Welcome to my little blog, where we dream big, 
laugh lots, and wear high heels!

My name is Kim, and I've been married (to a great guy we'll call Gus) for 29 years. We have two children: Buddy (27) and Lulu (26).

I wear a lot of hats - wife, mom, small business owner, blogger (not to mention cook, laundress, and housekeeper).  My blog is about some of the things that make me smile:
  • beauty (I'm addicted to beauty products)
  • fashion (I also have a fashion addiction)
  • product reviews (I love, love, love to try new products!)
  • D-I-Y projects (both crafty & for the home)
  • traveling (including reviews about places to stay, things to do, and places to eat)
  • my family

I enjoy being an influencer and working with brands to help spread the word about awesome products.

Remember - life's more fun when you stop to enjoy the view!

Here are some things you might not know about me:

  • have an 11 yr. old miniature Australian shepherd named Riley (AKA Nubby, Nubbybutt, & something I can't write here)
  • have a 12 yr. old cat named Angus (AKA Goosey, Goosey Mon (in a Jamaican accent), and Homicidal Psycho Jungle Cat)
  • was raised in a teeny-tiny rural Appalachian town in Ohio
  • moved to Kentucky 10 years ago, after living in Ohio for 45 years
  • worked as a nurse for 19 years, but retired in 2001
  • homeschooled Buddy & Lulu for 8 years 
  • never discuss religion or politics unless I've known you for a bazillion years

I love...
  • margaritas & bourbon, but not necessarily together
  • shoes
  • the beach
  • the color pink
  • tattoos
  • manis & pedis
  • sushi
  • Instagram & Snapchat
  • The Walking Dead & Doctor Who
  • Starbucks black iced tea lemonade (trenta, with 3 Splendas please) dietary restrictions have necessitated a change to Starbucks white tea (trenta, iced, with liquid Stevia)

I hate...
  • spiders & snakes
  • waiting in line
  • that clothing designers and/or store buyers think that if you're petite and/or over 40, you must want to wear polyester, large prints, elastic-waist paints, and appliqued sweaters (which is fine if you want to, but not everyone petite and over 40 wants to!)
  • camping (when you grow up in rural Appalachia, your childhood is like a 15 year camping trip)
  • cold weather
  • people who don't do what they say they will
  • spam (both email & the canned kind)
  • ironing
  • coffee

I hope you'll stick around and read a few things - and then come back to read more! 
You can find me hanging out here:
I'd love to connect with you!