D-I-Y Linked Hearts Bracelet

How would you like to make a bracelet? What if I told you it's the easiest DIY bracelet ever?

{enjoy the view} | DIY Linked Hearts Bracelet

Several years ago, Gus bought me the cutest little gold heart bracelet. The hearts were the actual links of the bracelet. It was so dainty and delicate -  and I loved it. But because it was so dainty and delicate, I would catch it on things, which would pull the links apart  - and the bracelet would fall off. Eventually, it could no longer be repaired. And I was sad. (It's still in my jewelry armoire, even though I can't wear it - I can't bear to part with it.)

When I saw heart-shaped jump rings at Consumer Crafts, I knew I was going to recreate my bracelet! And I wear silver more than gold now, so it would be perfect! 

Let's get started!!

{enjoy the view} | DIY bracelet tutorial

What I used:
silver heart jump rings (similar here) - it took 22 to make my bracelet
2 - 4mm Open Jump Rings (1 is optional)


{enjoy the view} | bracelet tutorial
{enjoy the view} | make a bracelet tutorial

1) Use the jewelry pliers to gently open a heart, place two closed hearts on it, then close. You now have a chain of three hearts. Open a new heart, add a closed heart, and attach open heart to one of the end hearts in the chain. Now you have 5 hearts. Repeat the last step until you have the length needed.

Note: You can also use regular pliers, just be careful not to mar the metal.

{enjoy the view} | make your own bracelet

2) Use a jump ring to attach the lobster clasp to end heart. You can either add another jump ring to the other end heart or just hook the clasp to that heart to close the bracelet.

{enjoy the view} | design your own bracelet

3) I attached a little heart charm, but that is totally optional.

{enjoy the view} | bracelet tutorial

That's it!! An adorable heart bracelet in about 5 minutes!!

{enjoy the view} | make a bracelet tutorial
{enjoy the view} | How to make a bracelet

I love mine - are you going to make one, too?

{enjoy the view} | How to make your own bracelet

(Pssstt! They also had STARS!!! (similar here))

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