How to Choose the Best Accessories for Your Face Shape

Did you know that choosing the right accessories can accentuate your best features? Gwen Lewis is back today with some tips on choosing the best accessories for your face shape!

Tips on How to Choose the Best Accessories for Your Face Shape!

Choosing the right accessories is more than just a fashion statement. Sometimes deciding on accessories like jewelry, scarves, and sunglasses involves making the best decision for your face shape. Having this insight can even help when it comes to gift-giving for birthdays or holidays. The right accessories can easily accentuate your facial features and bring out your natural beauty. Here are some of our best tips on how to choose the right accessories for your unique face shape.


Round faces typically have a similar width and length throughout, resulting in well-proportioned features. For round faces, choose accessories that bring more length to the face. For example, choose long, dangling earrings and necklaces. Also, rectangular or square shaped jewelry can bring a nice contrast for a balanced look. Avoid accessories that add width to the face such as choker necklaces or large, round accessories that may not be as flattering for this particular facial shape.


As a common face shape, oval faces are often long, but all features are still well-balanced. This soft shape is most flattered by jewelry and accessories that are more structured in shape. These will include accessories with strong lines, angles, or geometric characteristics. Such accessories will bring a welcomed contrast that highlights the delicate lines of an oval face. Since oval faces are usually lengthier in appearance, avoid long earrings or necklaces that may further accentuate this face’s shape and structure.

Tips on How to Choose the Best Accessories for Your Face Shape!


The diamond face shape is very similar to the oval. It is typically identified by a narrower forehead and chin with wider cheekbones. To highlight the features of this shape, create width towards the upper face, chin, or neckline areas. For instance, choose large, bold necklaces with gemstones or brilliant diamond cuts. Alternatively, wear large, daring eyewear to add poise to a diamond-shaped face. The key here is to bring in the glam and drama when it comes to this face shape. Therefore, do not shy away from bold accessories that can make this shape even more beautiful.


Those with a square face shape tend to have stronger jawlines with structured foreheads and hairlines. Try round or otherwise curved accessories to bring out the best features of this face shape. For instance, large hoop earrings are a great choice, as are necklaces of medium length. Also choose soft, delicate materials that help to diminish the strong lines that characterize this face shape for the best results.


Heart-shaped faces typically wider at the top half of the face to the cheekbones. This face shape meets at a pointed chin. For a heart-shaped face choose long earrings and layered necklaces that accentuate the neckline area. Tear drop accessories like earrings can also bring in contrast for this face shape by bringing width to the chin area. When it comes to the neckline, fill the neck with brilliant statement necklaces or scarves, that help to emphasize but also bring symmetry to the narrow chin area.

Not only can accessories be chosen based on the latest fashion trends, but they can also be hand-picked according to your unique face shape for a flawless look. Overall, know your face shape before you purchase your next accessories. The right accessories can bring out your features for a fashionable new you!


Gwen Lewis is a writer who lives in California. She has been in the makeup and fashion industry for years and loves writing on the topic to give tips from experience. In her free time she loves to stay active and has just taken on learning how to surf.

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