Erin Condren Life Planner Series: Favorite Accessory Shops, Pt. 3 and Sale!

Erin Condren Life Planner

(Disclaimer: The Erin Condren links are the only referral links in this post.)

It's been awhile since I've done a planner girl post, so I thought I'd do one about some of the latest shops where I've been buying my stickers! Plus I have some awesome news:

 Erin Condren Life Planners are now 20% off 
And if you're a first-time buyer and use my referral link,
you can save an extra $10
But wait - there's more!!
Right now, through March 6, if you spend $60 (after discounts & pre-tax),
you get free shipping!
That's an additional $9.95 value!
(Did I mention that each Life Planner purchase includes a free Wellness Journal?
That's an additional $6 value!)

So here's a scenario - you and a friend both want a planner and one of you is a first-time buyer. You use my referral link to get the $10 off code. That person places the order for both planners, which would now be $80 instead of $100. You use the code to get another $10 off, bringing the total to $70, and since it's over $60, you would also get free shipping! So you would save a total of $39.95! (Of course, tax would be added.) Awesome deal - you and a friend would each get a planner for $35 plus tax! Or you could just order stuff for yourself. Judgement-free zone here.

But let's talk about stickers for those planners!!

I'm pretty picky about my planner stickers. I like my stickers to be pretty, but I want them to be functional as well. I use a vertical Erin Condren Life Planner, and the way that it functions best for me is if I use the top row for appointments, birthdays, etc., the middle row for things I need to accomplish each day, and the bottom row for blog posts or anything sponsored that is blog-related.

I don't use stickers for things like bills, drinking water, meal planning - and my kids are adults, so I don't have to include their activities (well, not usually, LOL!). I also don't use teardrops or flags. I look for stickers that are clearly printed, well-designed, and that don't include a lot of the above-mentioned stickers that I don't use. I love checklists and full ombre boxes, and, of course, cute decorative stickers that just make the page more aesthetically appealing.

So here are some more of the shops where I love to buy my stickers. They're all on Etsy - and I am not affiliated with any of them, nor do I get any perks from mentioning them here. I just love their stickers and want to share! But if you shop with them, you can mention that you heard about them from me if you want!

Girl Is Crafti stickers
Girl Is Crafti

Adelle has some of the cutest stickers! In fact, I used her stickers for my weekly layout both last week and this week. I have several of her sheets, so I can't show them all - but some of my favorites are shown above. (Update: Shop no longer active.)

planner stickers from Hello Cupcake Plans

At Hello Cupcake Plans, Aixa has adorable stickers. I picked up the most amazing Peppermint Bliss stickers for winter - cookies, cupcakes, donuts, hot cocoa, and peppermint lattes! I also love the weekly Christmas layout with the cutest little snowmen. And you can see how much I use the checklists! If you're looking for St Paddy's Day stickers, check out hers! Super quick shipping, too. (I apologize that that photo is of my used sticker sheets! I had a photo that I took when the sheets arrived - but I couldn't find it, so I had to retake the picture with the sheets as they look now!) Aixa also owns Sweet Bean Plans (another favorite!), so be sure to check that one out, too. Hello Cupcake Plans on Instagram - Sweet Bean Plans on Facebook, Instagram.

planner stickers

Two to Plan is run by Alexis and Francesca. I like their stickers because they're different than those I've seen in other shops. I also like that they have a delicate, feminine quality - like the French Provence September Sticker set pictured above! You can find them on Instagram.

Lexie Kylee Designs planner stickers

This is my latest purchase, and I was so excited when I opened the package that I actually squealed. Lexie's stickers are so cute and colorful! I bought the St. Paddy's Day and Easter sheets, and they are fantastic! This is definitely going to be a shop that gets my repeat business! I can't wait to use these in my planner! You can find Lexie on Instagram and on Facebook.

planner stickers from Lottie Pop Designs

I've only made one purchase from LottiePop Designs, but it was so awesome and one-of-a-kind that I had to include it. I bought three of the same - one for me, one for Lulu, and one for one of her friends. They were small sheets (NSFW) with 14 stickers, and each one was a expletive or a phrase with an expletive in it and they're incredible. A lot of them were things that we already say, so they were perfect. Of course, there are other stickers available, but this was my favorite! I have blocked out the most offensive words in the photo above - just in case there are tender eyes or non-swearers reading this. That's okay - just go directly to the next photo. For those of you who just aren't creative cursers, you might learn something from these stickers, LOL! You can find Lottie Pop Designs on Facebook and Instagram.

printable sticker for Erin Condren Life Planner

Jordan's shop offers both stickers and printables. Most of the stickers are weekly or monthly kits. The picture above is a printable. I also have some that are just the ombre boxes that color-coordinate with the monthly colors of the ECLP. Those are easy to set up as a cutting file if you have a Silhouette, so you don't have to cut them out by hand. Or if you do cut them by hand, it's easy, because they're all straight lines. (Note: This shop used to be called JWPlans, so that's why you see that name on the sheet pictured above.) You can find Jordan on Instagram.

So there you have it - my latest favorite sticker shops!! If you have any favorites, I'd love to hear about them - I'm always looking for awesome new stickers!

Don't forget - the 2016 Erin Condren Life Planners are 20% off right now ($40 sale price) - and if you're a first-time buyer, you can use my referral link to get a $10 off code. AND, through March 6, 2016 (11:59 PST), if you spend $60 or more (after all discounts, and before tax), you will get FREE SHIPPING, which is an additional $9.95 savings! No code needed for the free shipping.

What are your favorite sticker shops?


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