Product Review: Nona Lim Soup

I was recently afforded the opportunity to sample three Nona Lim soups. I had never heard of them - so I was happy to give them a try!

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A little info about their soup:
  1. Less Salt: Making soup  without preservatives allows Nona Lim to make great tasting soup with less recommended sodium intake per cup than many leading competitors. 
  2. Home delivery: It’s never been easier to conveniently eat right when the best soups show up at your door or office in temperature controlled boxes.
  3. No gluten, dairy or worries: Nona Lim has eliminated all common inflammatory ingredients making eating right easy to do - no matter your food sensitivities.
  4. Stocks made from scratch: Seriously, Nona Lim boils down vegetables for 3-4 hours so you can taste the difference.
  5. Veggies to the Max: One to two pounds of fresh local California veggies are cooked down into every 12 ounce pouch. It's a delicious way to make sure you are getting enough veggies.

The soups arrived at my house in a styrofoam cooler with ice packs. They need to stay cold (or frozen), so I immediately transferred them to the refrigerator. They're packaged in these cool BHA-free plastic bags (that stand).

Product Review: Nona Lim Soup | #ad #soup #productreview #organic #glutenfree #dairyfree

There are 8 varieties of soup: Carrot Ginger, All Bean Chili, Zucchini, Thai Green Curry, Asian Lemongrass, Tomato, Red Lentil Veggie, and French Onion. I received Carrot Ginger, French Onion, and Tomato, and opted to try the Tomato first. I just heated it up in a saucepan, ladled it into a bowl, and sprinkled a little home-grown dried basil on top.

Product Review: Nona Lim Soup | #ad #soup #productreview #organic #glutenfree #dairyfree

I was pleasantly surprised by the flavor in this soup! It didn't taste like any tomato soup I'd ever had before - there's a hint of "southwest" flavor to it. It's a bit spicy but not overwhelmingly so. I ate mine with a grilled cheese sandwich! Yum!

Product Review: Nona Lim Soup | #ad #soup #productreview #organic #glutenfree #dairyfree

The French Onion was used to make salisbury steak - really, really good!

I think these soups are a great option for those looking for a healthier soup option - organic, fresh, gluten-free, dairy-free, low sodium - there are even a few vegan options. No GMO's, preservatives, additives, or artificial ingredients. These could work really well for those with various allergies.

You can buy Nona Lim soups and entrees online (by the case). They will be shipped frozen in a cooler with cold packs. You can also purchase them in select stores.

Connect with Nona Lim on the Nona Lim Blog, Facebook, Twitter.

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