Creepy Crawlies - Fascinated or Fearful?

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Do you have a bug phobia?

I have a complicated relationship with bugs. I really don't like them at all - but I'm fascinated by them. They're such complex creatures! I really, really, really hate spiders. They're just so creepy crawly. Ewww!! But I often find myself taking pictures of them and their webs. This guy was on the side of my house, under my dining room window:

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I just read an article on The Orkin Ecologist website about the top 10 bug phobias and learned that I'm in good company. Arachnophobia is the most common bug phobia - which really isn't surprising. Did you know that there are only two spiders in the US that can be life-threatening to humans? (Check out the The Orkin Ecologist to find out which two!) I guess that makes me feel better, but I still hate spiders. When I was working as a nurse, I saw firsthand the damage a brown recluse can do. Pretty scary stuff.

While reading the article, I was surprised by some of the fears that made the top ten list. Fear of ants is the third most common bug phobia. It's called myrmecophobia. I may not want ants in my house, but I can't say that I'm afraid of them. Unless they're fire ants or those creepy bullet and army ants. Do not get in my way while I'm running away like a girl.

And worms? Really? They're a little gross, but I've never had nightmares about them. That fear is called scoleciphobia. Of course, my Papa taught me to bait a hook with nightcrawlers when I was a little girl, so maybe that's why I'm not afraid of worms.

Don't get me wrong, I realize that we need bugs. They serve a purpose, like all other living creatures. That's fine - I'll share the planet with them, but I don't care to share my home with them. And of course, just my luck - spiders love my house.

They especially love my basement. It's not a spooky, dark, damp basement - it's completely finished like an apartment. And apparently it's the local hang-out for wolf spiders. Have you ever seen a wolf spider? They are U.G.L.Y.  They're furry-looking, and the females carry the egg sacs & spiderlings. And these suckers can move! Buddy lives in the basement and always has to check his shower curtain and shoes. #BugOut!!!!

But the scariest #BugOut moment I ever had occurred right outside the basement doors. We have a concrete patio by the basement walk-out, which happens to be under the deck. Along one side is a stone retaining wall, and we have hostas planted there. One day, I was watering the hostas, and sprayed water in a crevice between the dirt and the foundation of the house. Hundreds - and I literally mean hundreds - of spiders, centipedes, and other bugs came pouring out of that crevice. It was like something you'd see in a horror movie. I get queasy just thinking about it.

And of course, my kids live to torture me. Buddy always insists upon visiting Insect World at the zoo - and Lulu took entomology as a 4-H class one summer. *shudders* If you have a budding entomologist or just enjoy learning more about insects and the role they play in our world, check out The Orkin Ecologist site. They have a lot of information for both beginner and experienced science lovers. You can also follow the Orkin Ecologist on Facebook and Pinterest to stay up-to-date - you can even pin pictures to their board, using the hashtag #BugOut!

Have you had a #BugOut moment? Tell me about it!

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