Mini White Wedding Cake Cupcakes (and a nifty tip for transporting cupcakes!)

I recently made cupcakes for my niece's bridal shower, and since the recipes I used were really yummy, I'm sharing them!

Mini White Wedding Cake Cupcakes | #cupcakes #desserts #recipe

Everyone likes white wedding cake, right?  Plus I figured it was appropriate for a bridal shower. I found great recipes for White Wedding Cake Cupcakes and Vanilla Buttercream frosting on the Table For Two blog (the cupcake recipe was originally from Recipe Girl). Since this cupcake recipe uses a box of cake mix, I'm pretty sure you could substitute any flavor for the white, too.

The batter has sour cream in it, which gave it a lovely thick, creamy consistency and wonderful flavor.

Mini White Wedding Cake Cupcakes recipe | #cupcakes #desserts #recipe

I used a teaspoon to fill the cupcake liners about 2/3 full with batter.

Best Mini White Wedding Cake Cupcakes | #cupcakes #desserts #recipe

Since I made mini cupcakes, I adjusted the baking time to 8-10 minutes, checking after 8 minutes so they wouldn't be overly done. If I made these again, I would fill the liners just a bit more - maybe 3/4 full - so that after the cupcakes cooled, they would still be a little above the liners.

Mini White Wedding Cake Cupcakes | #cupcakes #desserts #recipe

I used a pastry bag and a jumbo Open Star pastry tip to frost the cupcakes, then added a few pearlized white Sugar Pearls while the frosting was still moist. The icing was a really nice buttercream - just the right amount of sweetness. If you are making this in warm weather, I recommend only filling the pastry bag 1/2 full, because the heat from your hand in addition to the room temperature will cause the frosting to "melt", becoming too thin to keep it's shape. I didn't have any problems with the frosting "melting" once it was on the cupcakes.

Buttercream Frosting | #cupcakes #desserts #recipe

The adorable chocolate, orange, & yellow mini cupcake liners came from Julie at Cakes And Kids Too over at Etsy. (I just checked and it looks like they will be going on hiatus, and are now in the process of clearing out their inventory at up to 40% off!) Amazon also has them: chocolate, orange,yellow.

Buttercream Frosting Mix | #cupcakes #desserts #recipe

In case you're wondering why the cupcakes are sitting in aluminum foil - it's because I had to transport them 150 miles. I bought cake boxes at Hobby Lobby that held 48 mini cupcakes each, but I couldn't find anything to sit the cupcakes in to keep them from sliding around. I looked online, but everything was pretty pricey, and I needed it quickly.

So here's a quick, easy, CHEAP, tip: Turn your cupcake pan over so that the bottom is facing up. Tear off a piece of foil larger than the pan. Place it over the pan, then gently mold it around the pan. remove the foil carefully, and turn it over. You have a cupcake pan made of foil that you can use to nestle the cupcakes and keep them from getting smooshed!!

Mini White Wedding Cake Cupcakes w/Buttercream Frosting | #cupcakes #desserts #recipe

Pretty nifty, right? Do you have any cupcake tips?

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