Adventures of Gus and Kim: King's Island

P&G has a King's Island day for it's employees every September and Gus and I have been going for over 20 years now. Well, we had been - until the last couple of years when my back prevented us from riding the rides - heck, even walking, LOL. But this year, Lulu & Bart couldn't go, and I was feeling better, so we decided to go for a couple of hours and at least walk around and ride the train (one of Gus's favorite things to do - go figure).

The weather was perfect and the park wasn't too crowded, so it made it really nice to walk around and see everything. Buddy went with us, but he met up with some friends about two seconds after we got there, so that was the last we saw of him.

P&G always has a ton of those huge blow-up things featuring their products - those aren't normally at the park. (On a side note - those blow-up things in yards are Pet Peeve #3.) There are also Halloween decorations everywhere because the park is gearing up for their Halloween Haunt that runs from Sept. 21 through Oct. 27 (for ages 13 & up).

Another thing we did was walk through the Dinosaurs Alive exhibit. It's $5, but well worth it. There are over 60 dinosaurs in an outdoor setting (56 are animatronic), and I admit it, some of them really look like they're alive. The paved trail (4000 feet through 13 acres) winding through the exhibit is "empty" at times, and that makes it a little creepy - even in the daylight. I asked Gus if he was having flashbacks to Jurassic Park 2, because I sure was...

This one cracked me up because I tend to say "oh my" a lot, LOL!

This is a very short video I took of one of the animatronic dinosaurs - see why it was kind of creepy when you were on the path alone and one of these started up out of nowhere?

There is also a free 10 minute 3-D movie nearby, also called Dinosaurs Alive. It's by far the most realistic 3-D movie I've ever seen. The images literally seem as if they are just a couple of inches from your face. I found myself wanting to lean back several times, LOL!

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