Pin Busters! Storing Scum Buster solution in a dishwand

You know those pins you see on Pinterest that say "put that wonder Scum Buster solution in one of these scrubbers and hang it in your shower for easy use"? Well, I thought that was the most clever idea ever...

I bought an O-Cel-O dishwand at the grocery store...

filled it with my Scum Buster solution...

and this is what happened:

The verdict: Pin-worthy! Good grief! I can't figure out how everyone is getting this to work - unless they're just pinning it & not really trying it. It would be a perfect thing to keep in the shower to do a daily cleaning, but not if all the solution runs out! I even checked the scrubbers that have the little buttons - they don't prevent the leakage, they just allow you to add a "burst" of solution. I'm guessing since it was made for straight dish soap, the Dawn/vinegar solution is too thin.

You could, however, hang it IF you kept the sponge part at the top - but the other issue is when you use the scrubber, all of the solution wants to come out quickly, so you end up with a ton of it on the surface you're cleaning. And because of the Dawn, that makes for a lot of suds that aren't easy to rinse away - plus, you've wasted a lot of your product.

Note: Love, love, love the scrubber! That part works like a charm. And I love that you can purchase new sponge/scrubbers for the end. It's just the leaking that is a royal mess! For now, I'm just keeping the Scum Buster in a spray bottle and leaving the refillable wand empty - then I spray where it's needed and use the scrubber on that.

How I'm using it in the shower: When I'm ready to take a shower, I turn the water on and let it run for a few minutes to get the shower wet. Then I step into the shower, and before I actually start to wash my hair or soap up, I pour a small amount of the Scum Buster into the refillable wand (INSIDE the shower, so it doesn't get all over the place) and go to town. I leave the soapy solution on the shower walls & doors while I finish my shower, then I rinse it off. Right before I get out of the shower, I use a squeegee to get the excess water off everything (we have hard water that leaves deposits, so this is a must). It's not quite as convenient as having everything right there in the shower ready to go, but it's doable.
Kim A.

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