Pin Busters! Parmesan Chicken Bake

Mmmmmm, Parmesan cheese and chicken - what's not to love?

This is a recipe for Parmesan Chicken Bake that I saw on Pinterest. It originated at Six Sisters' Stuff blog. I followed the recipe exactly, so I won't post it here, you can see it over at their blog by clicking on the name of the recipe.

I did take pictures of each step of the preparation, so I'll post those here:

The verdict: Pin-worthy! This was a really tasty recipe. There were only a couple of things that I would change - I thought it was a little too salty, so I'll use less salt next time and I didn't care for the Italian seasoning, so I'll leave that out. But those are things that are just a matter of taste, so to someone else the recipe may be perfect as is. I do think I'll be making this again!

If you try it, let me know what you think!

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