Tuesday Brewsday: Wooden Cask Brewing - Newport, Kentucky

What's better in hot weather than an ice cold beer? Of course, it's also good in cold weather. Or any weather!

Earlier this summer, I was finally able to convince Gus to stop by Wooden Cask Brewing Company in Newport, Kentucky. I've been wanting to go for awhile now, but he argued that "it would be hard to find a place to park" (knowing that a lot of the parking in Newport is street parking). If you worry about that sort of thing, let me start off by laying that worry to rest. The brewery has it's own parking lot, and it's big.

four small glasses of different types of beer sitting on a wooden bar

Their building is HUGE. I was expecting something the size of Darkness Brewing in Bellevue just because most spaces in the area are on the smaller side. Not only is it a large building, but it's beautiful. Apparently, back in the 40's and 50's it was the Flamingo Club (with illegal gambling). Then in the 80's it was the Jockey Club with live punk bands. More recently, it housed the Yellow Cab company (which explains the size of the parking lot!). Quite a history!

brown brick building with the words Wooden Cask Brewery

glass door that says "Wooden Cask Brewery Tap Room Entrance"

Inside, there are lots of tables with seating, couches, and of course, seats at the bar. Interesting tidbit: The bar top is wood from six bowling lanes that were on site.

tables with wooden tabletops and metal chairs and stool with a tv on the wall

wooden casks stacked along a wall

Right before we stopped here, we ate dinner at the Newport Pizza Company (NPC) - which is right around the corner. We both had a bottle of Wooden Cask's Girl Next Door blonde ale with our meal and liked it so much, I think that's what convinced Gus to stop by.

They don't serve food at Wooden Cask, but there are quite a few local restaurants that will deliver to the taproom (including NPC).

taps with a list of 18 different craft beers

We loved the atmosphere at this brewery. It's cozy but very open and spacious. I'm not one for being crammed into a crowded space with a lot of other people, so I appreciate the roominess this taproom offers.

I (we) also really liked several of their beers. They always have 18 craft beers on tap - including a seasonal cider. Three of the brews I tried were what I would call "favorites" - meaning if I see them on tap somewhere, I'm going to order them. But their Reformation is my most favorite. I do love me a good chocolate Scottish stout!

four numbered glasses of beer
Kentucky Farmhand, 7th Street Runoff, The Scotsman, Reformation

My favorites*:
  • Reformation (Scottish stout) IBU: 32, ABV: 7.5%
  • Girl Next Door (blonde ale) IBU: 20, ABV: 6%
  • The Scotsman (Scotch ale) IBU: 30, ABV: 8.5%
Gus' favorites*:
  • Kentucky Farmhand (pale wheat ale) IBU: 20, ABV: 5.2%
  • Girl Next Door
  • The Scotsman

Definitely stop by Wooden Cask Brewery when you're in the Newport, KY/Cincinnati, OH area - you'll be glad you did! Pick up a t-shirt, too - it's one of my favorites - so comfy!!

Here's where/when you can find them:
Wooden Cask Brewing Company
629 York Street
Newport, Kentucky  41071

Monday - Thursday 3pm - 10pm
Friday - Saturday 12pm - 11pm
Sunday 12pm - 8pm

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infographic with a photo of four glasses of beer at the top and a brown brick building that says "Wooden Cask Brewery" at the bottom

Do you have a favorite brewery? Tell me about it - we're always looking for new ones to try! If you're interested in following along on our food/drinking adventures, be sure to find me on Instagram and Snapchat - I share a lot there that doesn't make it on the blog.

*A note about our beer preferences:
Me: witbier, Hefeweizen, fruit beer, Berliner Weisse, Gose, blonde ale, white ale, chocolate stouts, Kentucky common ale, ginger beer, some saisons, and some Scotch ales
Gus: witbier, Hefeweizen, blonde ale, red ale, Belgian tripel, Kentucky common ale
Buddy: IPA, fruit beer, Berliner Weisse, Gose, blonde ale, red ale, stouts (especially coffee-flavored), porter, Belgian tripel, Belgian quad, saison


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