Product Review: Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream (2017)

Do you have a holy grail foundation? I wish I did. I think most people have at least a little trouble finding the perfect foundation, and I'm guessing that a good number of those probably end up settling for one that is "okay". Those of you who are around my age know that mature women face a whole new set of foundation-finding issues.

tube of MIssha Perfect Cover BB Cream, beauty blender sponge, and paddle makeup brush

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I started using MISSHA Perfect Cover BB Cream a few years ago, and I loved it. It gave me a nice natural-looking coverage that lasted most of the day as long as I also used setting powder. Then a couple of years ago, as perimenopause wreaked havoc in my life caused changes in my skin, it just stopped working for me. I wasn't getting good coverage and it separated on my skin. I was so frustrated, because searching for a foundation is one of the things I most dislike.

Then last year, I'm pretty sure menopause came to live here full-time. The foundations I had been using stopped working, so I picked up the Missha BB Cream again. I didn't expect it to work, I was mostly just annoyed and grabbed it because it was here and nothing else was working. To my amazement, it worked! I've stopped trying to apply reason to anything that happens during menopause.

I did a Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream review once before, but since it's been 4 years, and my skin has changed, I thought I would do an update.

First of all, I'll remind you that it is a BB cream - so it's not a full-coverage foundation. I find that I can build the coverage somewhat, depending upon how I apply it, but I use it when I want a more natural look. If you need or want more than light to medium coverage, this isn't your product.

three tubes of Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream

There are a limited number of shades, which could be an issue if they don't have one that matches your skin. I find that with my natural pale skin, I can get away with wearing a couple of colors. A 50/50 mix of Light Beige #21 and Natural Beige #23 works well on my pale skin. For a light tan, I use Natural Beige #23 with just a tiny amount of Honey Beige #27 to warm it up a bit. For a medium tan, I use about 60/40 Natural Beige #23 and Honey Beige #27.

Available shades:
  • #13 Bright Beige
  • #21 Light Beige
  • #23 Natural Beige
  • #27 Honey Beige
  • #29 Caramel Beige
  • #31 Golden Beige

That may sound like a lot of BB Cream to keep on hand or a lot of money to spend, but it's really not, and it lasts a long time. I buy MISSHA Perfect Cover BB Cream from Amazon and don't spend more than I would for a drugstore foundation.

swatches of Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream

The consistency of this product is really nice, and I've never had an issue with applying it over my sunscreen - with or without a primer. Yes, it contains SPF 42 (which is such an odd number), but I always prefer to apply a separate sunscreen since I'm sure I don't apply enough foundation for adequate sun protection. It contains ceramides, hyaluronic acid, squalane, jojoba oil, macadamia oil, and some other goodies, so it keeps my skin hydrated all day.

Now, for me, that hydration (which I love), comes with a down side. It leaves my face looking dewier than is my preference. So I always use a setting powder on at least my T-zone. The setting powder also helps the BB cream last a few hours longer.

This is one of those products that you can apply several different ways and get good results. I've applied it using my fingers, my Beauty Junkees blending sponge, a flat-topped brush, an oval brush - and they all look good. My favorite is the oval brush, and then I smooth out the sides of my nose, around my eyes, and my nasolabial folds with the blending sponge. If I'm applying this and want it to last all day, I use the method I describe in my "How I Finally Made My Foundation Last All Day!" post - but I use the oval brush and blending sponge to apply.

On what may be the down side for some - it does contain silicones, parabens, propylene glycol, and a little fragrance. I am very sensitive to fragrances (both smelling them and using them on my skin) - I barely notice a fragrance to this product and it has never bothered my skin. I don't have an issue with the other ingredients, but I realize there are those with sensitivities or who prefer to avoid products containing those particular ingredients.

Is it my holy grail foundation? No. But it's a nice inexpensive option that doesn't require a ton of tweaking, and it works well when I just want to put something on quickly that looks natural. This is almost always my go-to foundation for running errands, outdoor activities, and if I want a little coverage over my heavy-duty SPF at the beach. I've also worn it to weddings and other special events.

Have you tried Missha BB Cream? Do you have a favorite foundation for mature skin? I'd love to hear about it, because I need suggestions! Leave a comment here, or message me on Instagram or Snapchat!


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