Product Review: Real Techniques® Blush Brush

I'm not a makeup brush snob. I do think that the quality of the brushes you use can make a big difference in your makeup application and the final look - I just don't happen to believe that you always have a pay a lot to get a good quality brush.

Product Review: Real Techniques® Blush Brush - I don't think you always have to spend a lot to get a great quality makeup brush, and this brush is proof! It's so soft and fluffy, and I love that it has taklon bristles - no shedding, and easy to clean!
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A couple of months ago, I was in the market for a few new brushes, and since I had heard good things about the Real Techniques® brushes, I decided to give some of those a try. One of the ones I picked up was the Real Techniques® blush brush.

I knew from reading other blogs and reviews that I probably wasn't going to be using this brush for blush, just because I like a smaller brush for blush (I actually use a stippling brush). But I thought it looked perfect for bronzer and/or highlighter, or maybe even finishing powder.

Real Techniques® Blush Brush is a great quality makeup brushfor under $10. I don't use it for blush - I use it for bronzer and highlighter!

The brush has an extended pink aluminum ferrule that is also part of the handle. The name of the brush is printed on this section.

Real Techniques® Blush Brush as synthetic taklon bristles and a pink aluminum ferrule. It's easy to clean and so far, I haven't noticed any shedding. Great brush for under $10!

The bristles are synthetic taklon, which means they don't absorb or trap makeup. They're also less prone to breakage, and they're very easy to keep clean.

This brush is super soft and fluffy! For me, it's just too fluffy for blush, because I usually use a pressed powder blush like Tarte Amazonian Clay, and it doesn't pick up enough of the color - but that makes it perfect for bronzer and highlighter. I've used it for pressed powder bronzer and highlighter, and cream (stick) highlighter, and I've found it works really well for all of those products. It leaves just a hint of color/glow, which can be layered for more intensity, if desired. And I haven't noticed any shedding at all.

It's easy to wash, too! I usually wash my brushes with Pure & Pretty Clarifying Cleanser (which is what I use to cleanse my face) or my DIY brush cleanser, but I have also purchased MAC brush cleanser. It's just not my first choice because it's the most expensive and doesn't last very long.

I purchased my brush from Amazon for around $6, but I believe the retail price is around $9. Honestly, it's a great deal at either price. I'm thinking about picking up another one to use just for finishing powder. If you're looking for a good quality brush for bronzer, highlighter, or finishing powder, I recommend this one!

Real Techniques® Blush Brush is a little too large for me to use as a blush brush, but I love it for bronzer and highlighter!

Stay tuned, I've purchased some other Real Techniques® brushes, and I'll be reviewing those, too!

Have you tried Real Techniques® brushes? What did you think?

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