Making 2016 Spring Fashion Trends Work for You

Spring is coming, and I can't wait! I'm tired of wearing heavy coats and even though I love my boots, I'm ready for some cute ghillies and flats!

Have you seen any of the fashion trends for this spring? There are some I love and some I hate - and then there are some that I might like, but I know they won't look good on me. Let's talk for a minute about that...

Making 2016 Spring Fashion Trends Work for You  - tips on how to fit current fashion trends to your style and budget! #fashion #fashionblogger #2016springfashion #fashiontrends#enjoytheviewblog

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What do you do when you want to stay modern in your look, but you don't want to look like you're a mature woman who is (God forbid) "trying too hard"? Or maybe there's a particular trend that's a color that makes you look sallow or a style that makes your waist disappear (or even worse, adds 10 lbs)? I'll tell you what you do - you run like hell in the other direction! You don't have to wear something just because it's trendy! If it doesn't make you look your best, then don't waste your money on it. Fashion and style should work for you.

I've gathered up a few of my favorite trends from Spring 2016 to share with you, and I'll talk about how you can make them work for you - whether it's budget, color, or style! So let's get started!

Marled knits were hot this winter, and that's not going to change heading into spring! We're still going to see them, just in lighter weights. I think this is a trend that pretty much everyone can wear - it's just a matter of finding the style that works for your body. I love this marled cardigan from Gap pictured below (similar)! It would be perfect to throw on for those chillier spring days/evenings. It's a longer style, but not so long that a vertically challenged person like myself couldn't wear it. 

marled cardigan
(photo courtesy of

I adore shoes with pointed toes. I think they're slenderizing and feminine - plus I have small feet, so I don't mind if they look a few inches longer. I also love the look of lace-up flats and ghillies - I'm thrilled that they're trendy right now! I purchased the pair below at Nordstrom back in December when they were on sale for half price. They're by Topshop, and they're still available in limited sizes, at full price. I talked more about them in this post.

black ghillies

I just ordered these from DSW using the coupon they mailed to me for $20 off $49. So I was able to get them for just $29.95, which is a great deal, and I really like Anne Klein shoes. You don't typically think of suede as a fabric for spring, but it's actually another trend for 2016 - plus the light neutral color and the overall "lightness" of the shoe makes it perfect for spring.

laceup flats
 (photo courtesy of

If you're not into pointed toe shoes or just find them too uncomfortable, you can do the lace-up with an open toe, like these wedges, or these heels.

Fringe is still in, ladies. Even though I've grouped it with my favorites, I think fringe is one of those things that can easily be overdone. Right now I own three things with fringe. A crossbody bag, a holiday sweater with a little hem fringe, and a pair of strappy heels with a small patch of fringe that lays flat on the front. So when I do fringe, it's minimal, and only on one item. That's something to keep in mind with any trend - you don't have to run head first into it or be literal about it. Use your own interpretation of it and make it work for you. This is the bag that I have - unfortunately, it's no longer available, but there are similar ones available here, here, and here:

fringed bag

These are the shoes that I have, except that mine are black (they're no longer available in either color, but these are similar) :

fringed sandals
(photo courtesy of

So if you don't think that you can do fringe, maybe just try it in small doses. Maybe a handbag with a fringe tassel like this or this. It updates your look to include the trend, but doesn't overwhelm you and scream "I just made a country-western movie" - although if you did, that's awesome.

I have a lot of handbags, but I don't any in a saddle bag shape, so that might be on my list for spring. I do have a Michael Kors bag with the heavy chains, and I also have a large half-moon bag, so I'm good there. I know the ChloĆ© 'Drew' crossbody is "the" bag right  now - and I do love a nice bag - but I am not ever paying over $1850 for a handbag. You can find these styles in all price ranges, so no worries there. Here's a saddle bag from Target for just $24.99 (no longer available) that also incorporates the chain detail: (similar)

saddle bag
(photo courtesy of

And a simple Vince Camuto saddle bag for $158 (I like this one!):

black saddle bag
(photo courtesy of

This is my Michael Kors bag with the chains. Gus bought it for me at Macy's last spring. It had a pretty decent price reduction - it was originally $198, but was marked down to $128. I love it because the leather is like butter - and, of course, it's pink!

pink Michael Kors bag

If you see a trend in handbags that you love, don't ever be dissuaded by the prices of the ones they show you! Trust me - there will be similar ones in every price range. While I love handbags (they're my second passion, right behind shoes), I'm kind of picky about which ones I splurge on. I take good care of my bags, so they last for many, many years - but some trendy bags aren't functional enough for me. If I can't carry it enough to justify the price, I'm not going to splurge. The saddle bag? Too small for everyday for me. I don't like how the opening is narrow either. It's a bag I would carry when I don't need all of the items in my regular bag. So I would either wait and grab one when it was marked down or I would find a well-made one that wasn't as expensive. The point is - you can do handbag trends in any price point.

Who doesn't love a nice comfy sneaker? I love my Chucks. And I think anyone from 1-100 can wear them! I picked up a pair of the white Converse "Shoreline" slip-ons from Nordstrom back in November when they were on sale for $39.98.(Nordstrom Rack is having a Converse sale right now for members - just sign up for their free emails - sale ends Sunday 2/28)

slip-on Converse sneakers

I also like these Adidas NEO Advantage Clean VS sneakers ($54.95). I've been looking for a pair of plain white leather lace-up sneakers, and these seem to fit the bill (I did end up getting these, and I love them!):

white Adidas neakers
 (photo courtesy of

Sneakers are another trend that's pretty easy to do at any price point. There are a lot of different styles available, too. These white sneakers from Payless are similar to the ones pictured above, but are priced at $17. I have a fondness for white, but I've seen some snazzy navy ones, too - like the Adidas Gazelle in suede.

Okay, I have to admit that orange is not one of my best colors. But this is where I'm going to do my own interpretation of the trend. Orange doesn't have to be "Orange is the New Black" jumpsuit orange. It can be coral or peach. I love coral, and it looks good on me when I get a little faux tan. If solid orange doesn't work for you - wear a mixed print, or carry an orange handbag or wear orange shoes. The large half moon bag I mentioned that I have is orange. It's not a bag I carry often, but I got it for a steal, and it's an unusual design, so I like it. You could also add orange/coral/peach in your earrings, necklace, or bracelet. Heck, you could even just have orange/coral/peach nail polish! I love these little, inexpensive pops of orange:

Charming Charlie Beaded Triangle Necklace $10:

orange necklace
(photo courtesy of

Charming Charlie Double Row Cuff Bracelet $10:

orange bracelet
(photo courtesy of

Charming Charie Hill Harbor Deluxe Watch $18:

orange watch
(photo courtesy of

There's no way you'll ever see me in cropped flares or paperbag waists. Yes - those are trending this spring! If it doesn't flatter you, why would you want to wear it? Just pick the ones that work for you and ignore the rest. Just because it's a trend, doesn't mean it's your trend. It's all about finding the things that look good on you. When you look good, you feel good, and that boost of confidence puts a smile on your face. It's amazing what that feeling can do for the rest of your day!

What trends are you looking forward to and what ones do you hate?


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