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It's time for another weekly Instagram recap! Last week, I didn't have anywhere to go all week, so you would think that I would've been able to get a ton of things accomplished, right? Not so much. Well, at least not nearly as much as I had hoped!

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On Sunday, I shared a picture of the frozen raspberry margarita that I had at Longhorn Steakhouse. It was delicious! I used to order this, oh, probably 10-15 years ago, and I always loved it, so I decided to try it again. Just as good - but - they have majorly downsized it! They used to serve it in a large beer mug - now you get it in a small pilsner glass. Bad move, Longhorn. I also don't like it when they put sugar on the rim of the glass. When the glass starts to sweat, the sugar melts and runs down the side of the glass, making it sticky. Then every time you pick up the glass, your hands are a mess! So I end up looking like a little kid drinking a milkshake - Look, Ma! No hands! LOL!

Frozen raspberry margarita from Longhorn Steakhouse - soooo good!!

I didn't share a picture on Monday, but on Tuesday, I shared two! It was a beautiful day in the neighborhood because I received not one, but two packages from Sephora - my regular order, and my January Sephora Play! box. I ordered Glamglow's Plumprageous Matte Lip Treatment and MAKE UP FOR EVER Mist & Fix Setting Spray . I've used FusionBeauty LipFusion Lip Plumping Therapy for many years, and I want to see how Glamglow's compares. I'm also excited to try MUFE's setting spray since it's an alcohol-free formula. I'm hoping it works as well as UD's All Nighter. I used some of my VIB Rouge points to get MUFE's Step 1 Smoothing Primer and the Dr. Brandt Skincare Age Erasers kit. I've used some of Dr. Brandt's products in the past, so I'm anxious to try these! Reviews of all of these will be up on the blog in the coming weeks. The Tarte BB Primer samples were one of my free samples.

My latest Sephora haul! I love being VIB Rouge and that free 2-day flash shipping! Can't wait to try out my new products!

The January Sephora Play! box was full of goodies as usual. I seriously love this. For $10, you get an amazing amount of products each month. This month, it was the Sephora Lotus eye mask, Dr. Brandt Needles No More ™, Living Proof Prime Style Extender ™ Spray, Clinique Chubby Stick Sculpting Highlight, Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare Alpha Beta Peel (3 each of Step 1 & Step 2), and a sample of Tocca Beauty Isabel Eau de Parfum . I've tried the Sephora face masks, but not the eye masks, so I'm looking forward to trying that. I already mentioned that I'm testing some Dr. Brandt products, so an extra Needles No More will be handy! I love Living Proof Primer Style Extender™ - it's one of my favorite hair products, but I haven't used the spray version, so this will be fun to try. I'll give the Clinique Chubby Stick a try, but I'm probably not going to use the Dr.Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Peel. My skin is really sensitive to products like that, and I know it won't end well. Same with the perfume - my body chemistry is weird and mixes well with very few perfumes - this is not one of them, LOL. I added it to my bag of perfume samples that I'll pass on to my daughter and nieces.

My January Sephora Play! box! I love these! Best $10 I spend every month!

On Wednesday, I did a shameless promotion of my blog post for that day! I had to tell y'all about the Rimmel Lash Accelerator Serum & Mascara that I've been using! It's under $10 and that's what has been making my lashes and brows grow! Can't beat the price. You can read more about it here.

Best Lash and Brow Growth Serum Under $10? Yes, please! It's Rimmel Lash Accelerator! It comes in a clear serum and incorporated in a mascara!

On Thursday, you saw the sushi that Buddy and I had on Wednesday night after we went to the gym. There's a little place that has the best sushi, soup, and salad. (I'd love to know the secret to getting lettuce that crisp!) Tuesdays and Wednesdays are half price sushi - all day! I had the tempura shrimp roll (on the left), which is topped with eel sauce - yum. I was trying to be good since I had just been to the gym, so I only had the one roll with my soup and salad. I usually get the dragon roll - which is the one in the center (it was Buddy's) - that's tempura shrimp topped with sliced eel and eel sauce. Soooo good! The one on the right is a Playboy Roll. It has tempura shrimp with tuna, eel sauce, and spicy mayo on the top. That one is not one of my favorites, but Buddy loves it.

I love sushi! This is shrimp tempura roll, a dragon roll, and a playboy roll - yum!

On Friday, I did another gratuitous plug for my Flawless Foundation for Women over 40 blog post. Beauty and fashion for women over 40 (and 50!) are subjects near and dear to me. I just don't think there is enough good advice out there, and I'm tired of reading articles that tell me that if I wear my hair long, I'm (a) just making myself look older, or (b) trying too hard to recapture my youth. I'm guessing those articles are written by 20-somethings who will be rethinking their words in, oh, let's say another 20 years or so. You can check out the post here.

Flawless Foundation for Women 40+: tips to help give you the flawless foundation that you used to get and thought you'd never have again!

On Saturday, I shared this picture of my newest (and now my favorite) sweater. It's actually listed as a dress on the Guess website. That's a little scary to me. I'm only 5'3" tall, and this hits just below my butt cheeks. But okay. I do love it as a tunic-type sweater. It's soft and so cozy! I really wanted it in black, because grey isn't my best color, but it's too similar to the poncho/cape that I have in black, and I didn't want two sweaters so similar. The original price was $118, and depending upon when you check the Guess site, the price will be $99.99, $47.20, or $39. I snagged mine for $39 - and grabbed a coupon code for 15% off and free shipping for first orders (FIRST15) - so my total order cost was just $35 shipped!

My newest, coziest, and most favorite sweater! From Guess, and picked up for about a third of the original price!

And that's my Instagram recap for last week! If we don't already follow each other, I'd love to connect with you!

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