Best Lash & Brow Growth Serum under $10: Rimmel Lash Accelerator!

If you've read a few of my recent posts, you've heard me mention a couple of new drugstore products that I've been using for my lashes and brows - and I've been promising a post to give you the scoop. Well, today is the day I'm finally going to tell you about them!

Rimmel Lash Accelerator

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If you've been hanging around here or any of my social media for any length of time, you've probably heard me lament my lack of long, lovely eyelashes. My eyelashes are very blonde, very short, very sparse, and their superpower is repelling mascara. My eyebrows aren't much better - except that they don't have any superpowers (that I know of, anyway).

A few months ago, my daughter, Lulu, recommended Revlon Grow Luscious Mascara  since she had been using it with success. Of course, Lulu has long black eyelashes. But I picked some up and decided to give it a try. Let's just say that this isn't one of the products I'm going to tell you about, and I ended up giving my tube to Lulu. End of that story.

But I decided to look for a similar product by a different company to see if that might work better for me, and that's when I discovered Rimmel Lash Accelerator Endless Mascara . It's a mascara with a growth serum in it. This one has a plastic brush with comb-like bristles - not my favorite type of applicator for mascara - but at least it doesn't clump, and it also separates my lashes really well. As with almost every mascara on the planet, I have a little smudging with this. Of course, I would prefer no smudging, but since I can't use a primer with this, that's not happening. If I top it with a waterproof mascara, it does reduce the smudging to minimal.

Rimmel lash and brow growth serum

After using the Rimmel Accelerator Endless Mascara for about two weeks, I could definitely tell that my lashes were longer! That's when I discovered that Rimmel also makes "plain" Lash Accelerator Serum ! It's just a clear serum that you can apply to lashes, lash line, or brows, so I had to run right out and buy some!

Rimmel lash accelerator growth serum

I picked mine up at Walmart for around $8. It comes in a tube with an odd little applicator that is a plastic grooved wand (for applying to lashes like mascara) with a tiny brush at the tip for applying along the lash line and to brows. It has absolutely no scent that I've noticed, and it only stings if you get it directly in your eye (which you should try not to do).

Rimmel lash accelerator growth serum

It says that you can apply it to lashes prior to mascara as long as you don't let it dry first. I've not tried this. The serum is a little on the thick side, and it's wet. I wouldn't be able to curl my lashes or use primer. Also, when the serum dries, if you apply it a little heavier in some areas of your lashes, it can be like dried glue - stretchy and sticky. It's not been a problem for me since I apply at night. I just make sure I comb through my lashes in the morning to remove any residue before I apply my primer and mascara.

I've been using the serum about 4-6 weeks now and I've seen a good bit of growth in both my lashes and my brows. I've used expensive growth serums in the past and they take 12-16 weeks to reach maximum growth, so I assume that this product does, too. I'm hoping that means I will continue to see a bit more growth over the next few weeks. I did check Paula Begoun's to see what she had to say about the product(s). The plain serum wasn't listed, but the mascara with the serum was - she said there was nothing in it that was proven to cause growth. Okay, but I definitely saw growth in both my lashes and brows after using the product. FYI, I disagree with Paula a lot, but I still like to see what she has to say. LOL!

before & after using lash growth wserum

Since I've found the plain growth serum, I haven't used the mascara as much because I don't want to deal with the smudging (but that is just my eyelash issues - you might not have that problem). But I do occasionally use it when I'm just going to be at home because it's easier to stop and remove a few smudges throughout the day - and then my lashes get a double dose of growth serum for that day.

I've tried a few Rimmel products lately, and I have to say that I've been impressed with most of them (I'll be doing reviews!). I'm not usually much of a drugstore makeup user - but I can see that improvements have definitely been made. Now if I could just find Rimmel products more easily in my area! I can find a few at Kroger, Walgreens, Meijer, and Walmart (I try not to go there unless I absolutely have to!), but it's never all of the products or all of the shades. We have an Ulta, but honestly, it's a pain, too. The salespeople always act so rude (not sure why, it's a freaking Ulta), the checkout area is set up so weird, and there's always a back-up. Plus if there is a gift with purchase, you almost always have to remind the salesperson at checkout or you won't get it.

Rimmel lash and brow serums

Anyway, if you're looking for a lash or brow growth product, I definitely recommend Rimmel Lash Accelerator Serum ! For less than $10, it delivers results!

Have you tried a drugstore lash growth serum?



  1. Running to target to get this asap!

    1. I hope your Target has it! I had problems finding Rimmel products locally, and I live in a fairly large suburban area. I had to hit the dreaded Walmart in order to get this product, LOL! Hope you like it and have as much luck with it as I did!


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