Erin Condren Life Planner Series: The latest sale & goodies!

Have you guys seen the latest Erin Condren news? Oh. My. Goodness. It seems like there is a new email just about every other day with exciting announcements, sales, and almost more excitement than I can handle! (You know how I get when it comes to my ECLP!)

Don't miss the latest sale and all of the new goodies at Erin Condren! I can't wait for my order to get here! If this is your first order, you can save $10 by using my referral link!

First, there is a little sale going on through Nov. 15! You can get 25% off holiday cards, invitations, acrylic trays and inserts, and return address labels when you use the code HOLIDAY25!! Keep in mind this is only valid through 11/15/2015, and can't be combined with other discount codes. Some of those return address labels are adorable!! And the cards!! So cute!!

25% off holiday cards, invitations, return address labels, & acrylic trays and inserts at Erin Condren thru 11/15/15!!
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Next, there are the four holiday planner covers - priced $10.95 for the regular ones and $15.95 for the metallic ones! They're all really cute! I love the Thanksgiving cover that I got (it's metallic)...

I love my Erin Condren metallic Thanksgiving planner cover!

so I was really leaning towards the metallic "Let Your Heart Be Light" one. But then when I tried to order it, I saw that both of the metallic ones were out of stock! I know! How horrible!!! I have no idea whether they will restock or not (I hope so!), but I wanted to place an order, so I went ahead and ordered the "Oh! What Fun" cover - it's pretty cute, too.

Adorable interchangeable holiday planner covers from Erin Condren! Get in the holiday spirit!
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Check out this gift wrap book - how stinkin' cute is it??? You get so many goodies for $22!
  • 63 decorative stickers
  • 20 to/from labels
  • 21 metallic gift tags
  • 6 folded holiday cards
  • 3 sheets of reversible gift wrap (19.5" x 21.5")
  • 1 gift checklist sheet 

This fabulous gift wrap book has everything you need for your holiday gift-wrapping! I love the colors - so bright and cheerful!
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 And the two latest news items are that hot off the press...
  • the Rose Gold planners are back in stock!!
  • and both the horizontal and vertical planners are now available in a lined, hourly format!!

Exciting stuff!! I just placed an order on Tuesday - here's what I bought:
  • The "Oh! What Fun" holiday planner cover that I mentioned above
  • An address book with the "Wherever You Go, Go With All Your Heart" cover (The address book is the same size as the planner - it's so cool, and has great features - I'll do a post about it once I get it!)
  • A set of these amazing snap-in metallic sticky notes - I <3 them!!

Who wants plain sticky notes when you can have these fabulous metallic ones? I had to have them!
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And last, but not least - let me remind you of a couple of things...

1) Any Erin Condren product would make a lovely gift, and the holiday season is quickly approaching. If you want to order a personalized address book or planner as a gift, you'll want to do that soon. As another option, you can purchase to ready-to-go versions, which are shipped immediately and come with a card that has a code for a free cover whenever the recipient is ready to choose.

2) If you are planning to order (or know someone who is), and this is your first order, you can save $10 by using my referral link! Every little bit helps, right?

Which new product is your favorite?

(Disclaimer: There are affiliate links in this post. All opinions are 100% mine.)

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