The Best Free Pumpkin Stencils!

It's no secret that my least favorite part about October is that you see the p-word wherever you go. But my favorite part about October is that you get to carve that p-word!!! (Don't think that I don't see the humor in taking a knife to something I dislike, because I most certainly do!) But carving pumpkins is sooo much fun!!

We started using stencils for carving pumpkins when the kids were little, and I still like to use them! So I've gathered up some of my favorite new free stencils to share with you! This first batch is free for personal use, and came from Better Homes & Gardens:

We also started using the carving kits from Pumpkin Masters when the kids were little. I've replaced the original one, but I still use the Pumpkin Masters basic carving kit  and I'd love to pick up their Surface Carving Kit!

Here are clickable links to the pages for each of the stencils pictured above:

You know how you have to use straight pins to mark your design on the pumpkin by pushing them through the stencil? Well, I came across this cool Stick n' Carve paper from Think Geek: you print or draw your design on the paper, then apply the paper to the pumpkin (it sticks), carve the design, then take a damp sponge and wipe the residual paper away! No more using straight pins to mark your stencil lines! How cool is that?

And because you know that I am a geeky girl at heart, I have to share these Doctor Who stencils with you. I'm in love with them all!! My plan is to make a Dalek pumpkin this year. I saw it on Pinterest a few months ago.

Here are the clickable links to the stencils pictured above:


And if you're geeky, but Doctor Who isn't your thing, there are a ton of nerdy stencils to be found here.

Happy Carving!!

Which stencils are your favorites?

(Disclaimer: The links for the Pumpkin Masters Kits are Amazon Affiliate links. It does not cost you anything extra to use these links. They are here to help you find the product quickly, and if you chose to buy something after clicking on one of them, I earn a few cents. Thank you for supporting {enjoy the view}!)

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