Welcome to the 100th #SoMe2 Party!

We're so glad you've joined us for 
the #SoMe2 party!

This party is all about interaction on one of your pins on Pinterest, 
so please be sure you're linking up correctly! 

 For this week's party:
**You should link up the URL of a 
not your blog, not a blog post,
not your Pinterest profile
It's time for the #SoMe2 #Pinterest Party!

But first, let's take a minute to meet your #SoMe2 hostesses...

Meet your #SoMe2 hostesses! Image Map

We are pleased to introduce our #SoMe2 featured blogger of the week...

Stephanie from One Mile Home Style!

Stephanie from One Mile Home Style blog!

Stephanie has shared this with us:
Stephanie Confer is a wife, a boy mom, a home décor fanatic, and the creator of the One Mile Home Style blog. She loves the thrill of the hunt in searching for treasures at garage sales and flea markets, and lives for quiet moments to break out her paints. The One Mile Home Style blog was created as a way to share home décor and style inspiration, and organizing and DIY tips that are simple and budget friendly. Readers are encouraged to create a home that truly reflects them and how they live, creating a home style all their own.

 Thanks, Stephanie!

Would you like to be a #SoMe2 featured blogger?
Everyone who enters the Rafflecopter below each week will have a chance to win a spot as our featured blogger. We will feature your blog, and links to your social media. Your links will be inserted into the Rafflecopter for that week - gaining you more followers.

So be sure to enter to win the weekly featured blogger spot!

Note: Please be sure to fill out the Rafflecopter form accurately. Entries are verified.

The rules are simple!
  1. Please follow your hostesses and featured blogger. (first 4 links)
  2. Please add the #SoMe2 button (found at the bottom of the post) to your sidebar or link page.
  3. Tweet about the party! More partiers = More followers! All you have to do is click the "tweet" button!  
  4. Use our hashtag #SoMe2 when tagging or posting so we can find each other!
You will automatically be entered into our email reminder list by entering a link. You may remove yourself from the list by using the un-subscribe option.

If you need help adding your Pinterest post to the party, this infographic explains how to do it with step-by-step photos. Just click the photo to enlarge it!

Infographic explaining how to link up to the #SoMe #Pinterest party!

It's time for the #SoMe2 #Pinterest Party!


1) Link up 1 recent Pinterest Post. That's a PIN - not your Pinterest account or a direct link to your blog post!!
(How? Go to your Pinterest profile page, click on "pins" in the navigation bar below your profile picture, then click on the pin you want to share, copy the URL of that pin, click on the blue "add your link" button, and paste that URL into the link party.)

2) Re-pin, like, and comment on your HOSTESSES' and FEATURED BLOGGER'S links (first 4 links)

3) Re-pin, like, and comment on at least the 2 links in front of yours. This way everyone will get Pinterest Love! One of hostesses will make sure the last two links get comments.

Thanks for joining our SOcial MEdia link party!
See you next week – same time, same place!

DeDe,  Kim, & Sarah V.

Grab a #SoMe2 Party button!
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<img src="http://i59.tinypic.com/o5cj13.jpg" alt="SoMe2" width="250" height="250" /> </a> </div>
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