Rocksbox Review #2 + Try It Free For 1 Month!

Do you have any idea how excited I get waiting to see what will be in my next Rocksbox?

Rocksbox Review #2: Find out what I received in my second Rocksbox - and how you can try Rocksbox for one month free!

And there is no waiting to be surprised when it arrives in my mailbox. As soon as I get the email that says "Your Rocksbox Set is on its way", I'm clicking on the link and signing in to my account so that I can see what my stylist has curated for me! Apparently, I have very little self-control.

So when my second Rocksbox arrived, I ripped it open as quickly as possible carefully unwrapped it so that I could see the pretties in real life. Ooh, shiny!!

Here's what I got:

Slate layered silver necklace that I received in my 2nd Rocksbox! Looks great with just about everything!

Slate Beaded Double Strand Necklace $55 (Insiders' price $44)

This was my favorite piece in the box, and I ended up buying it! It's a double strand silver necklace with tiny silver beads that remind me a little of hematite. The beads are all loose on the chain, so they freely slide back and forth - love that! It also has an extender, which is a feature I think all necklaces should have, so I appreciate that this one does!

This layered silver necklace by Slate is my favorite piece from my 2nd Rocksbox!

I kept this Rocksbox 8-9 days, and I think I wore this necklace about 7 times! I'm really glad that I decided to keep this one - I've already worn it several more times - and I've paired it with the Kendra Scott earrings I kept from my last Rocksbox!

Gorgeous silver and cubic zirconia bracelet by Vanessa Mooney that was in my 2nd Rocksbox!

This is such a pretty bracelet! And I love that it's the type of bracelet that you could wear with just about everything. It's sterling silver with cubic zirconia and an intricately woven band (handmade). I seriously fell in love at first sight - even though I thought it was a bit pricey. Unfortunately, things went downhill from there. I forgot to take a photo of the clasp part of the bracelet, but the band has a space of about 1.5-2" (the band is somewhat flexible so you can get it on your wrist). On one side is a lobster clasp, which is connected directly to the band - this makes it very difficult to open the clasp and hold it open. On the other side is a thin silver chain about 2" long. I tried putting the bracelet on both wrists, putting the clasp on both the top and underside of my wrist, and I struggled like crazy to fasten it. Like more than 5 minutes and sometimes not being able to fasten it at all. I also tried having other people fasten it for me - they also struggled with it. For a bracelet in this price range, that is unacceptable. Which makes me sad, because it's a very pretty bracelet.

This silver and cubic zirconia bracelet by Vanessa Mooney is an example of the kind of jewelry you receive in your Rocksbox!!

When I first received the bracelet, I checked the the Vanessa Mooney website, and it was also $76 there. I'm not sure what made me go back, but a week later, I looked on the Vanessa Mooney website again, and the bracelet was discounted to $38, nearly half of what it would be (even using my Shine Spend) on Rocksbox. I mentioned this in my feedback on Rocksbox, but I didn't receive a response. However, even at $38, I don't want a bracelet I can't fasten by myself - even if it is really pretty. This one went back.

Silver disc stud earrings by Gorjana that I received in my second Rocksbox!

Gorjana Chloe Small Studs $35 (Insiders' price $28) - These are 3/8" diameter circular sterling silver stud earrings with a sort of wavy surface. I was a little disappointed with these considering they were from Gorjana. The finish didn't look like sterling silver - it looked more like silverplate, because in certain light, it looked like there was a bit of gold showing through the silver, and I've never seen sterling silver look like that. Also - and this part is my fault, because I didn't mark it on my profile - I don't wear studs, so these just weren't a good match. These went back as well.

So here's what I'm thinking so far:
I like having jewelry picked out for me. I like having jewelry delivered to my door. I like being able to wear it as much as I want. I like having the option of either buying or sending back any or all of the pieces. Even when the pieces don't quite work out (as with the bracelet and stud earrings), I still enjoy being able to try new jewelry, because I know I can return it and get new pieces whenever I'm ready.

If you're interested in Rocksbox, here's a little more info - and a code that will get you your first month for FREE!

How a subscription to Roksbox works!

That's right - you can get your first month for free by entering the code enjoytheviewxoxo. You will still need to enter a credit card number, but you won't be charged if you return the jewelry and cancel before the first month is up.

(Disclaimer: I have a 3 month complimentary subscription to Rocksbox, but as always, all opinions stated in this post are unbiased and strictly mine.)

Which of the three pieces is your favorite? 
If you had to choose between necklaces and bracelets, which do you prefer?

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