4 Ways to Organize Craft Supplies Inspired by the HP x360

(Disclaimer: Today's post sponsored by HP, Meghan Trainor, & Collectively. All opinions, as always, are 100% mine. #BendTheRules)

If you're a crafter like me, you probably find your crafting supplies in the oddest places. Those things must get up and walk around when I'm not looking, because I swear I don't remember putting them there! Yeah. The whole not remembering thing is probably a completely different issue, but I do have a way to solve the craft clutter problem - 4 ways, as a matter of fact...

4 ways to organize craft supplies

1) Use multi-compartment containers for small items like buttons or jewelry findings. I make little sock snowmen, so I keep all of the individual supplies I need for them in one container. You can find these at craft stores (Tip: wait until they're not on sale, and then use a 50% off coupon!), or try the hardware or fishing department of a dollar/discount store. You can find them in different shapes and sizes to suit all needs. They're great for any tiny supplies that need to be kept sorted.

2) Hit the dollar/discount store for inexpensive, matching plastic storage containers - I have these particular containers in several sizes and I paid under $3 for the largest ones. I love the locking lids, but you can also leave them off, like I did for the paint bottles. Be creative and make the containers work for you! Another perk to these is that they are stackable - even the smaller ones can be configured to stack on the larger ones!

3) Think outside the box! I think these metal containers were meant to be used for candles or flowerpots, but they're perfect for paint pens, tubes of glue/cement, or anything that needs to be stored upright. I picked mine up at a local dollar/discount store, then added some washi tape to spruce them up a bit. They're extremely versatile, sturdy, and easy to clean. So always think about alternate uses for items! #BendTheRules!

4) Upcycle your candle jars - this is so easy to do and it's free! I've got a detailed post coming up later this week that will tell you exactly how to do this (and it's an organizing blog hop, so it will have some other great organizing tips, too)! I use my candle jars on my craft table to hold washi tape, buttons, rubber bands, etc. I love the way they look and you can see at a glance what's inside!

So you're probably wondering, why 4 ways? Why not 5? Or 10?
Well, I was inspired by the 4 modes of the new
HP x360 Convertible PC!

4 modes of the HP x360

I love the versatility of the HP x360, and I've discovered that I like each mode best for certain situations:

When it's in laptop mode, I can use the regular keyboard or the screen as a touchscreen. When it's in any of the other modes, the regular keyboard is deactivated, the screen is a touchscreen, and I have the option of viewing or hiding an onscreen keyboard. But the thing I love best is that I can pick it up and tote it anywhere, and I have four options for using it. I love having options, don't you?

HP x360 generously supplied by HP
HP x360 in stand mode

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HP x360 in tent mode

How do you store your craft supplies?
How do you #BendTheRules?
If you had the HP x360, which mode would you use the most?
What's your favorite Meghan Trainor song/video?

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