5 Easy Christmas Projects

5 Easy Christmas Projects - five of the most visited holiday projects from {enjoy the view} blog

For this post, I've put together the 5 most-viewed Christmas projects from the blog!

I'm really excited about this post - not just because these are the top-viewed Christmas projects, but because these are some of my favorites projects. They're all are easy and inexpensive to make, and don't take much time, so they're great if you have a time or budget crunch.

Let's get started!

5 Easy Christmas Projects - DIY Sock Snowmen

1) These cute little DIY Sock Snowmen are the top-viewed Christmas project on the blog - and my top-viewed Christmas project on Pinterest, too! I love these little guys, and I've made a gazillion of them. Everyone I've given them to falls in love with them, and can never believe that I made them myself. And they're really easy to make!!

5 Easy Christmas Projects - Joyful Glitter Mod Podge Project

2) I did these JOYful Glitter Mod Podge letters as a project for Jo-Ann Fabric & Craft Stores last year. I can't wait to get them out again this year! These require a little more work, but they're still pretty easy to do! Love glitter Mod Podge!

5 Easy Christmas Projects - DIY Letter Ornaments

3) These wooden letters are another fun project. I made these for my neighbors and siblings, and they were a big hit! I love that these can be done in so many different sizes - attached to gifts, used as ornaments, hung in bedrooms - so many uses!

5 Easy Christmas Projects - DIY Apple Cinnamon Orange Clove Ornaments

4) Cinnamon is one of my favorite scents, so I loved making these tiny Apple Cinnamon Orange Clove ornaments for my mini tree. I also used them to tie on gifts, so wherever I took them, the room smelled wonderful!

5 Easy Christmas Projects - Burlap Christmas Tree

5) This burlap Christmas tree was another project I completed for Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores. I really love the simplicity of it. I had planned to do a couple more in different sizes this year, but then I had unplanned ankle surgery that mucked up my plans, LOL.

 And those are my Top 5 Easy Christmas Projects! I hope you find something that you can't wait to make!
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