My for fall!!

Have I mentioned that I love shoes?

In the past month, I've added 5 new pairs to my collection. Yay!! I got some really great deals - and that made me think about how there is almost always a less-expensive "dupe" of the current style trends - and that made me think that I should do a "splurge or save" blog post!

So here are some of my favorite styles for fall - and I show you two versions of each style. One version is a little pricier (splurge), but isn't so pricey that only millionaires could afford it - and the other is very reasonably priced (save) and can be worked into most budgets.

And just in case you want to check any of these great shoes out, here are the links!

I have the Me Too Lasky, Payless Chaos, and pairs similar to the Bandolino Sandbar, Target Kadence, and Franco Sarto Brigette.

Do you have any of these shoes or something similar? Which one(s) are your favorites? 

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