My "Spooky Space" for Halloween: 5 Easy, Inexpensive Halloween Projects

I'm so excited to be working with Jo-Ann again! Halloween is one of my favorite holidays for decorating, so coming up with a #spookyspaces-themed project was so much fun!

Spooky Spaces for Halloween: 5 Easy, Inexpensive Halloween Projects | #spookyspaces

Since we don't have little ones anymore, I decided to go with "sophisticated spooky". I created a little vignette on one of the tables in my living room - composed of 5 separate projects. And each one is inexpensive and easy!

Spooky Halloween decorations | #spookyspaces #ad

The 5 projects are:
  1. Spooky Spider Pumpkin
  2. "Poison Potions"
  3. Spooky Spider Lantern
  4. Spooky Spider in the Mirror
  5. Spooky Skull

Spooky Spider Pumpkin for Halloween | #spookyspaces #ad

1) Spooky Spider Pumpkin - for this project you only need 5 things:
  • paper mache pumpkin (found mine at Jo-Ann)
  • enough fabric to cover pumpkin (found this awesome black and silver brocade at Jo-Ann)
  • spray adhesive (I used Loc-tite from Jo-Ann)
  • ribbon, twine, or something to cover the pumpkin stem (I used grey/silver paper-wired ribbon)
  • embellishments (I used plastic spiders from Jo-Ann)

Poison Potion bottles for Halloween | #spookyspaces #ad

2) Poison Potions - for this project you will only need 4 items
  • small glass bottles (I found mine at Jo-Ann for $1 each)
  • Krylon Looking Glass spray paint (already had this)
  • printed spooky labels (I found mine here)
  • something to tie labels onto jars (I used twine)

Spooky Spider Lantern for Halloween | #spookyspaces #ad

3) Spooky Spider Lantern - I  love this one! This really just involved "spook-i-fying" a flame-less candle lantern that I already owned. If you don't have one, they're easy to find - or you can just work with an empty lantern or a candle. You'll need:
  • a roll of sparkly spider ribbon (found this beauty at Jo-Ann)
  • a roll of black tulle (also found at Jo-Ann)
  • plastic spiders (I bought a box at Jo-Ann and these are the nicest-looking spiders I've ever seen - they actually look real!)
  • double-sided tape

Spooky Spider in the Mirror Halloween | #spookyspaces #ad

4) Spooky Spider in the Mirror - when I was at Jo-Ann's, I saw the coolest paper plates with a huge spider in the center. I wasn't sure what I was going to do with them, but I had to have them! I ended up using one to make this mirror that has a big spider in the center when you look at it just right! Love it!! Here's what you need:
  • image of some sort (I used the spider paper plate from Jo-Ann)
  • an inexpensive framed mirror (picked mine up for $1 at the dollar store)
  • nail polish remover
  • cotton pads
  • putty knife (or something to safely scrape the back of the mirror)

Spooky Skull Halloween | #spookyspaces #ad

5) Spooky Skull - I love glitter skulls! And why buy one when I can make my own? Super-fun project for the kids, too! You only need 3 things!
  • paper mache skull (I bought mine at Jo-Ann)
  • spray adhesive (I used Loc-tite that I bought at Jo-Ann)
  • glitter (I used black glitter that I found at Jo-Ann)
  • optional: paper plate, funnel
You can do a ton of things with your spooky glitter skull - I poked a small hole in the bottom of mine and perched it on the top of my Spooky Spider Lantern! 

It's difficult to see it in the pictures, but there is some terrific black lace laying on the table (over some tiny lights) - I got it at Jo-Ann using a coupon for 40% off!

Are you ready to try a project? Here is a coupon for you to use to create your own #spookyspaces! You can get 50% off any one regular-priced item through Oct. 31!!

(coupon no longer available)

I loved creating my "spooky space", and I hope that you not only enjoyed reading about it, but that you will also try one (or more) of my projects!

As you can probably guess, I find spiders to be the creepiest Halloween decoration - probably because I am afraid of hate spiders. What's your favorite Halloween decoration?

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