All Gus'ed Up: How to Stack Flower Pots

Since Gus did such a great job on on his first "All Gus'ed Up" project (you can see it here), he's back with another one! This time, he stacked some flower pots to go on our front porch!

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If you're saying "what's so special about stacking pots", well,  let me tell you! I bet you've seen those stacked flower pots on Pinterest - the ones with 5 or 6 pots stacked on top of each other? Well, Gus did that, but on a smaller scale. There is a PVC pipe connecting the pots so that the one on top doesn't get knocked off.

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Here's what he used:
  • 2 ceramic pots in graduated sizes
  • Miracle-Gro Potting Mix
  • 1/2" PVC pipe (length should be 2-3" less that the combined height of both pots, diameter should be small enough to fit through pots' drainage holes)
  • plants
Potting Mix: We used Miracle Gro's Potting Mix because it feeds plants up to 6 months - more than enough to get us through the growing season.
PVC pipe: We bought the PVC pipe in the plumbing dept. at Home Depot. Our store had different lengths,  so we bought a short piece for around $1. You just need to be sure to measure the drainage hole(s) in your flowers pots so that you know what diameter pipe to buy - and measure the combined height of the pots, then subtract 2-3 inches to find the length of pipe you need.

Here's what he did:

1) Start with the largest pot - put the PVC pipe in the center, and fill the pot with dirt.

{enjoy the view} | flower pots
{enjoy the view} | stacking flower pots

2) Plant flowers around the outer edge, as close to the edge as possible. (We used 6 small impatiens.) Tamp down the soil and lightly water the plants.

{enjoy the view} | planting flowers

See how there is an open space in the center? That's where the second pot will sit.

{enjoy the view} | planting flowers

3) Place the second pot on top of the first one, putting the PVC pipe through the drainage hole. Make sure it's sitting level.

{enjoy the view} | planting flowers for your porch

4) Add soil (covering the pipe), plant flowers (we used 3 New Guinea impatiens), then lightly water.

{enjoy the view} | planting New Guinea impatiens

And that's it! Love it! It's looking a little sad right now since the flowers are still small, but it'll be filled out soon - and I'll post an updated picture!

{enjoy the view} | porch flowers
{enjoy the view} | All Gus'ed Up flower pots

My front porch will be "All Gus'ed Up" in no time!

{enjoy the view} | ceramic flower pots

This project is part of the front porch re-do, so stay tuned for the other projects!

Update: Check out these flowers after one month!

Love them!!!

Are you planting anything new this year? Have you done any projects for your porch or deck?

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