Fysiko Eyelash Growth Serum - 8 week update

Remember my posts about Fysiko Eyelash Growth Serum? (If not, you need to go read the "before" and "4 week update" now!) I promised to provide monthly updates so you could see any progress that was being made.

I originally planned to take photos every 2 weeks, but since I can't really see any changes in 2 week spans, I'm just going to do every 4 weeks. At 8 weeks, I'm halfway into the program.

I've seen other participants' photos, and admittedly, some have had tremendous results. I wish I had really long lashes! But even though I haven't had the same results - I have had results. And when your lashes are as short, stubby, and blonde as mine, any growth is definitely an improvement!

Today I have pictures from "before" compared to "after 4 weeks of using the product" compared to "after 8 weeks of using the product"...the pictures have only been cropped and resized (and some had the lighting adjusted) - but my lashes haven't been altered in any way.

These pictures show my "naked" lashes:

What do you think? I think they're a little longer - and they seem to be a little darker, too. It's difficult to see in the picture because the tips of my lashes are soooo very blonde.

But with mascara, it's a bit easier to see the change. These pictures show my lashes with primer and mascara (same primer, same mascara in all pics) - if you look closely at the very tips of my lashes, you can see that they are a bit longer at 8 weeks:

Same in these three pictures - if you look at the tips of the lashes, they are a bit longer:

I'm continuing to use the product once a day, at bedtime, and there still hasn't been any irritation.

I'm completely hopeful that my lashes will continue to grow - can't wait to compare the 12 week pictures!

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