Spring beauties!

One of the pains charms of living in the Ohio-Kentucky-Indiana tri-state area is the changing seasons. When spring arrives, we hope for a few warm days here and there. We get a few. Very few. This spring has been very cold and very rainy. Puddles-in-the-yard rainy. Of course, once July gets here, there won't be a drop of rain in sight. (I'm quoting Gus.)

We've even had a few frost warnings, so I was worried about all of our plants. But I think we've weathered (Ha! I crack myself up!!) the worst of it. Here's what we're seeing now:

This little guy lives under our front porch:

{enjoy the view} | spring flowers and animals

This is a Purple Smoke Wild Indigo plant that we got last year. It has at least tripled in size, and looks like a shrub. So pretty!

The coral bells are ready to bloom:

{enjoy the view} | spring coral bells

The hostas (that came from my grandparents) are HUGE!!

{enjoy the view} | spring hostas

The spiderwort (also from my grandparents) just keeps spreading and spreading - love it!

{enjoy the view} | spring spiderwort

This is an old-fashioned rose that was growing at our old house when we first moved in - 24 years ago. My grandfather dug it up and took it to his house. After he died, I brought part of it here and my mom took part of it to her house.

{enjoy the view} | spring roses

Last week, this little guy was sitting on my bedroom window sill...

{enjoy the view} | spring baby robin

Then the other day, he was sitting on the table on the front porch - at least I'm pretty sure it's the same little guy.

{enjoy the view} | spring baby robin

Riley loves to lay in the yard - at the top of the hill - and keep his eye on everything.

{enjoy the view} | spring miniature Australian shepherd

Are you seeing signs of spring, too?

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