Decorating for Dollar$

We all have a decorating style. I think we may have two - one style that we dream of (and can't afford) and another style that we actually bring to life in our homes. This post is about one of the ways you can "decorate for dollars" - you can find cool accessories to update your home's look without spending a ton of money - and because you spend so little, you can afford to change things up frequently!

We have a store here called The Christmas Tree Shop. I know it sounds like a Christmas store, but it's not - except at Christmastime - and even then it's just a small portion of what they sell. I would compare this store to Old Time Pottery - except possibly with better deals.

When I stopped in the other day, I found some great bargains on vases/containers:
  • perforated metal "cans" with rope handles, in 3 sizes $4.99, $2.99, & $1.99
  • dark blue glass "candle" jar with metal handle $1.29 (4.5"x4.5")
  • round green glass "candle" holder with rope detail & handle $2.49 (6"x6")
  • battery-operated votive candles 6/$2.50

How cute are they?? I mean, seriously - $1.29 for the blue and $2.49 for the green? They would be at least 10 times that much anywhere else.

And I love the perforated metal! These three are going to go on the table that sits on the deck (which is getting a total makeover that will be featured in an upcoming post).

I love them, but I wasn't sure what I wanted to do with the other two metal containers.

Then it came to me one day - decorate them with a little washi tape and use them to hold crafting supplies!

So, so cute!! And the tape can be changed or removed without harming the finish!

And that cute little circular "mat" under the containers? It's actually a natural fiber placemat that was only $0.69! I love how the battery-operated votives look like real candles, but there's no wax mess to clean up! Only $2.50 for 6 - batteries included? I paid $3 for 3 battery-operated tea lights at Walmart and thought that was a great deal. Ha!

So don't be afraid to stop into stores where you might not otherwise shop - you can find some great bargains! What I've shown you is just a fraction of what they offered - I really wanted to buy more! Which I'm sure Gus will correctly translate into meaning we'll be going back. :-)

Where's your favorite "bargain" place to shop?

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