D-I-Y Chain & Suede Laced Bracelet

I have another bracelet tutorial to share with you! This one is pretty easy to do, but it does require a little coordination to hold everything in place (which explains why I had to start over a couple of times, LOL). And that's my favorite "Circle of Love" bracelet in the picture, too! (You can see the tutorial here.)

{enjoy the view} | DIY Chain & Suede Laced Bracelet tutorial

Here's what I used:

The chain should fit your wrist (as loose or tight as you like to wear your bracelets). You will need to cut one length of suede lace to twice the length of the chain plus 4 inches. You will need to cut a second length of suede lace 4 times the length of the chain. This should give you plenty of suede to work with!

First, you'll take the shorter lace and thread it through one of the end links of the chain. Once it's through the link, make the ends even.

{enjoy the view} | DIY Bracelet tutorial

Now tie a knot in that lace, anchoring it to the chain link.

{enjoy the view} | easy DIY Bracelet craft project tutorial

Take the longer lace and thread it through the same chain link - but this one won't be knotted. Make the ends even. You will need to keep one knotted and one loose lace on each side of the chain.

{enjoy the view} | easy DIY Bracelet craft project

Working on one side of the chain (I'm right-handed, so I started on the right), hold the knotted lace close to the chain. You'll need to keep this lace anchored with your thumb. Take the loose lace on this side and thread it under and through the next chain link (make sure you don't pull any of this lace over from the other side).

Now you're going to start wrapping the loose lace around the knotted lace and through the links. Take the loose lace up through the link, over the knotted lace, and back down under the chain, coming up through the next link. Repeat until you've laced it through all links.

{enjoy the view} | easy DIY craft project
{enjoy the view} | easy bracelet craft project

Once you get to the last link, loop the lace around and knot the two loosely to hold them in place.

Repeat the entire lacing process on this side of the chain.

{enjoy the view} | DIY craft project

Once you get to the last link, you're going to tie a double knot using the two laces on this side. Then you're going to untie the loose knot you made on the other side, and tie a double knot instead.

{enjoy the view} | make your own bracelet

Apply a dot of clear jewelry glue to the underside of both knots to secure them.

{enjoy the view} | make your own chain bracelet

After the glue has dried, you can use the jump rings to attach the clasp to the chain.

{enjoy the view} | DIY jewelry-making

And that's all there is to it!

{enjoy the view} | DIY easy jewelry-making
{enjoy the view} | DIY easy bracelet jewelry-making

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