Can I ask a favor?

In lieu of a regular blog post today, I'm going to ask a favor.

My mother-in-law is having heart surgery today to replace her aortic valve. She's 81 years old, and has recently had a series of small strokes that have affected her memory. The doctors say that when people who already have confusion are placed on the heart/lung bypass machine, they often have even more confusion/memory loss after surgery. And it's quite possible that it would be permanent.

My father-in-law is 90 years old, and right now, they live in a condo by themselves. If the surgery doesn't go well, we may not only have to place Gus's mom in a facility, but his dad as well.

Best case scenario - they are able to do the surgery without having to crack her sternum, she doesn't have any increased post-op confusion, and is able to come home in 4-5 days.

The favor? I ask those of you who pray, to please remember her in your prayers. And if everyone else could just put some positive thoughts/vibes out there, it would be appreciated.

We all thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Update 5/20/13 @ 1pm:
She is now out of surgery and they were able to go in through her upper chest without breaking her sternum - so that will decrease her pain & recovery time. The surgeon said her heart is strong and she's doing well right now - and he has every expectation that she will continue to do so. But of course, things can still go wrong, so continued thoughts & prayers would be appreciated!

Update @ 3:30pm:
Gus has seen his mom - she's in ICU, still intubated and with many IVs, but starting to wake up a little. Her blood pressure was unstable for awhile, but seems to be under control now. They're going to start turning down the sedation so she can wake up more.

Update @ 7:00PM:
They're taking the breathing tube out now! A little while ago, I was talking to Gus on the phone while he was in ICU with her, and we were using Face Time. Buddy asked him to put the phone over by his grandma, and he yelled, "It's Buddy, Grandma - I love you!", and she opened her eyes and nodded her head. Prayers are being answered and we thank each and every one of you!!

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