Swiffer 360 Dusters Extender - yes or no?

Everyone has heard of Swiffer, right? They offer a lot of different products in the Swiffer line, but today, I'm focusing on the 360 Dusters Extender.

Gus works for P&G, and every Christmas, we get a "gift box" that has a few products in it. Apparently, one year, we got a Swiffer 360 Dusters Extender starter kit. Why do I say apparently? Well, the other day, I found it wayyyyy up on the top shelf in the laundry room. I didn't know it was there, and I have no idea how long it's been there. I'm guessing 1-3 years. Oops.

So obviously, I'm not a Swiffer user. :-)

Since my last back surgery in October 2011, Gus has stepped in and taken over a lot of chores for me, but let's face it - no one is going to clean like I do, right? He's a huge help, but he also has a job working 8 or more hours per day - so he does the "important" stuff here, but that doesn't include wiping down kitchen cabinets, cleaning the top of the fridge, or dusting the recessed lights so there aren't a million cobwebs looped around the room like party streamers. Also, keep in mind that I'm 5'3" tall (or should I say short?), so for me to do any of those chores would involve a stepladder.

Hey, why don't I try the Swiffer 360 Dusters Extender??!!

The starter kit includes 3 dusters, and a handle that extends to 3 feet. Since this was a gift, I had no idea of the cost, so I looked it up online. Walmart sells the starter kit for $8.47, a 6 ct. refill pack for $7.97, and a large 16 ct. refill pack for $11.47.

You just snap the handle pieces together and pop on a duster!

Here's how I used it:

I was able to do all of that dusting on the first floor, and this is what the duster looked like afterward:

Not a speck of that dust was falling off the duster!

The verdict: This thing is pretty nifty!! Why haven't I used it before now?? I am officially in love with this. You have no idea the satisfaction I feel at being able to do these little cleaning chores myself - and without climbing (Gus yells at me for climbing. He's a little overprotective since I almost died during my last surgery.) Honestly, I really recommend giving this product a try. I think you'll like it!

(Disclaimer: Yes, Gus works for P&G - but this review was not solicited by them, nor was I compensated for it in any way. The product was free - given as part of the employee Christmas gift one year - but not given with anything expected in return. My opinions are strictly my own.)


  1. I love new gadgets! Following you from Bloggy Moms. Nice to meet you.


    1. Thanks so much for stopping by - it's nice to meet you, too!!

  2. I think you may have convinced me to try them! I try to use my dust mop but it can't fit into small places.

    1. Hi, Jaime! It's perfect for small spaces. I have a lot of door frames that are spaced about 1" from the corner wall (I have no idea why they did that), and I've never been able to find anything that fit in there (because of course, dust like to collect there!) - but these fit perfectly!


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