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I get all sort of "bargain" emails. (I call them email deals, Gus calls them junk.) I love a deal! I usually just skim through them, and 90% of the time, they get deleted (even though Gus is convinced that I am physically incapable of passing up a deal). But every once in awhile, a deal catches my eye, and I succumb to the dizzying euphoria of an online purchase of something for a fraction of it's original price...

My latest deal was one I saw on I shopped with them one other time, and it took a couple of months to get my order (which they assured me was not usually the case). They were offering 1600 count king-size Egyptian "comfort" sheets - flat sheet, fitted sheet, and 4 cases - for $29.00! I admit, when I first read the ad, I thought it said "Egyptian cotton" (which is what they hope, I assume), but of course, you can't get 1600 count Egyptian cotton sheets for $29. Still, since they had good reviews, I thought I would give them a try.

Now I wasn't naive enough to think that they were going to be luxury hotel-quality sheets, but I was hoping they would at least have a nice texture - and if I was lucky, they would also wash & dry without a million wrinkles. I hate wrinkly sheets!

They arrived in about 10 calendar days. An okay amount of time for free shipping, IMO. They were in a tear-resistant plastic bag that was amazingly undamaged.

Inside that bag, they were folded nicely in a heavy plastic zippered pouch (reusable):

They felt super-soft and silky - more like silk than Egyptian cotton - but they seemed very thin. You can see the windows through them in the second picture below! I was a little concerned about how well they would hold up with wash and wear.

After washing and drying them, I was pleasantly surprised to find them intact and almost completely wrinkle-free!

They look great on the bed and feel really nice as well.

My opinion: They were worth $30, but they do not feel like Egyptian cotton. I prefer the feel of a soft, plush cotton to that of silk - but I think these will be great for the summer. I do like that they wash well and dry quickly without a million wrinkles. I'm also pleased with the shipping time, so I'll probably consider using again. I think it's important to read the descriptions closely before buying and to not have unrealistic expectations.

(Disclaimer: I am in no way associated with I paid for the product myself and the review was not solicited nor was I compensated for it in any way. As always, my opinions are strictly my own.)

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