Organizing wth baskets for under $10!

I'm basically an organized person, except for when it comes to my desk. Clutter drives me crazy! Today I'm going to tell you about how I tackled the clutter in two spots - the closet and under the bathroom sink.

I never know what to do with flip-flops and flat sandals in my closet. And Lulu is even worse than me - that girl must have 25 pairs of flip-flops!

Another place that annoys me to no end is the space under Gus's bathroom sink. That's where I keep the cleaning supplies for the master bathroom, and they're always falling over - or Gus leaves them sitting on the tub. (I know, I know, I should just be glad that he actually uses the cleaning products, but what can I say? I demand more!!)

Gus and I stopped by Dollar Tree the other day (Gus was thrilled), and they finally had plastic containers! I swear, I've been there 4-5 times in the past 6 months and they never, ever have any of the cute containers that people post on Pinterest. Argh! But this time, they had a few left, and I bought 4 mini round "laundry" baskets - for $1 each, obviously.

Yes, I could've just tossed the stuff into the baskets and been done with it. But, of course, I wanted to add cute labels!

I had saved this adorable flower label - I think it was from Frugalicious Me, but I don't see it there now. However, she does have a few other cute tags you could use - or you can just google free printable tags to find something you like. So I opened that file in Photoshop (you can use a free photo editing program like Gimp or Picmonkey)...

Added the text...

Put the saved files into a Word document...

And printed them out.

I had a package of Scotch Self-Sealing Laminating Pouches, so I decided to laminate the tags. Since they were smaller than the pouch, I decided to trim them a little more and use one pouch for both labels.

After I sealed the tags, I cut the plastic in half - ta-da! Two tags!

Then I attached the tags to the baskets with mini clothepins!

It fits perfectly under Gus's sink!

How do you organize with baskets?


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