D-I-Y Braided Wrap Bracelet

Who's ready for another bracelet? This a simple braided wrap bracelet made with blue hemp cord (so cute for spring/summer!) - and I decided to incorporate one of the "Love" circles that I used in my Circle of Love Bracelet.  If you can tie a knot, make a simple braid, and squeeze pliers - you can make this bracelet!

Lulu has been asking me to make some bracelets for her for a couple of months now. Of course, she's very particular (I have no idea where she got that)..."I don't like that kind of closure", " I want this color", "only make it wrap around my wrist twice", "that one is too wide", "that one is too skinny", "those beads are too big", and so on. So how this bracelet started out is not how it ended. But I'm going to attempt to explain the direct route of getting to the end product rather than taking you on the convoluted route that I was forced to take!

Since I was winging it, and because I had already cut the hemp, I ended up with a bracelet that has a short side & a long side. What I mean by that is: instead of the cord being equal lengths on both sides of the "circle", one side is the length of a normal "half" bracelet, and the other side is long enough to wrap around twice.

What I used:

First, you'll take the three 15" strands of hemp - line them up so the ends are even and the cords are flat (rather than bunched up on top of each other), and find the center. Fold the strands at the center and push the "loop" through the metal circle.

Now push the ends through the loop...

and tighten - this attaches the cords to the metal circle.

Repeat with the 30" strands.

Now anchor the ring with tape or a clipboard (I use an inexpensive clipboard), and working on one set of cords at a time, separate the six cords into groups of two...

and start braiding! Check your work every so often to make sure the cords are lying flat. When you get to the end, just make a loose knot to hold the braid - but make sure it's loose enough that you can undo it. Repeat for the other side.

The braiding is finished, so you're ready to measure the bracelet against the arm of the person who will be wearing it (or you can just use yourself as a model). With the decorative circle placed in the center of the "top" of the wrist, you want the short cord to reach the center of the underside of the wrist (it's probably going to be about 3-3 1/2 inches long).

Trim to length, and tape or pin (or hold) the braided ends together so the braid doesn't come undone.

Take one of the ribbon clamps and add a touch of jewelry glue to the inside (this will help anchor the cords). Place the end of the short braid inside the clamp, making sure that all the ends stay inside - then using pliers, close the clamp on the cord. After it was attached, I put just a touch of jewelry glue along the open sides of the clamps as well - just to make sure the braided ends stayed inside.

Now you're going to measure the long cord. Again, place the bracelet on the arm with the metal circle in the center of the top part of the wrist, and wrap the long cord around the wrist twice, ending up in the middle of the underside of the wrist (so that it meets up with the short cord).

Trim to length, and tape or pin (or hold) the braided ends together so the braid doesn't come undone. Then attach the ribbon clamp as described above.

Just one more step! Open a jump ring, attach to a clamp, and while it's open, place one side of the magnetic clasp on it as well. Close the ring. Repeat for the other clamp.

That's it! I know it sounded like a lot, but it's really easy!

Let me know if you make one - I'd love to see it!

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