Adventures of Gus and Kim: Ohio Renaissance Festival - Waynesville, Ohio

A couple of weeks ago, Gus & I went to the Ohio Renaissance Festival in Waynesville, OH. I'm a huge history buff - Gus, not so much so. When one of his co-workers found out where he was going, she said that he should get the husband of the year award, because if she asked her husband to go to something like that, he would say "hell no".

So, here ya go, Gus -

If you've never been to the ORF, you're in for a treat. It's actually a pretty big deal. The grounds are huge - and there are all sorts of shows, shops, food, demonstrations, etc. - and lots of people who attend actually come in costume. The weekend we were there just happened to be Highland Weekend (I had no idea - it was just luck!), so there were a lot of men in kilts and ladies in period dress with plaids.

They also had a pirate ship, pirate show, and a large interactive pirate house/area.

Probably the thing we both enjoyed the most was the joust. Have you ever seen Full Metal Jousting on the History channel? The horses and knights were from that show.

One of the knights we saw was Sir Ripper, who is Ripper Moore, the head coach of the Red Team from Full Metal Jousting.

We also saw TJ Duquette, the assistant coach for the Red Team.

I can't remember the horse's name, but this destrier was one of the biggest horse I've ever seen. I can see why these guys were war horses.

All of the shop owners were in character - and spoke with accents. The sun was shining and I had my hand up to shield my eyes and one of the medieval guys said, "Milady, we appreciate the salute, but we prefer patronage!" - too funny!

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