Pin Busters! Scum Buster v. 2.0

Surely you've seen that Pin that touts the miracle scum-busting power of 1 part white vinegar and 1 part blue Dawn?

I blogged about it awhile back (click here to read that post if *gasp* you haven't already read it) - and it truly does work well. However, my biggest complaint with it was that it makes a lot of really thick suds that can be difficult to rinse away if you're using it on anything other than a shower.

bottle with blue solution marked Scum Buster

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I decided I was going to try a diluted version of it to see if it would still have the miracle cleaning power, but be easier to rinse away.

I mixed 1/2 c. blue Dawn with 1.5 c. white vinegar. Right away I noticed that it mixed much more easily, even without heating the vinegar. I decided to test it on the sinks in my master bath. The faucets have a satin-brushed nickel finish, and while I love them, I neglected to make sure that they were kind that don't show water spots. After a few days of use, they tend to look "spotty". Not a big deal, but it bugs me. Just wiping them off doesn't work - not all cleaners work. Lesson learned.

TIP: If you're shopping for new faucets in satin-brushed nickel, make sure the box says "spot resistant". 

I sprayed the sink lightly with the SB 2.0, scrubbed lightly with the handy-dandy scrubber and let it sit for a few minutes. (This would be the handy-dandy scrubber that is supposed to be so great to hang in your shower, but leaks if you store it with the scrubber end down. I know y'all read my post about it, but just in case you want to review it, here's a link.)

steps to using scum buster solution

Then I used a cup to pour water over the faucet and sink - the suds were instantly gone! I used a dry cloth to wipe everything off and it looked fantastic!

before and after of bathroom faucet

So what, you say? I'll tell you what...

bottle of blue solution

Benefits of Scum Buster v. 2.0
- use less Dawn
- easier to spray
- easier to rinse
- same great cleaning power
- save more money (because you use less Dawn)

I ask you - what's not to love??? And in case you wondered, I tried it in the shower as well, and I actually find it easier to use than the original version.

So remember to use SB v. 2.0 - and don't forget that you heard about it on Enjoy the View!! I think I'll call this a "Pin Booster" since it's an improved version of a Pin. :-)

Scum Buster v. 2.0
1 part Dawn

Wait!!! Have you seen my post on Scum Buster v. 3.0??? I swear to you - it's BETTER than ever!!
Give it a try!

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  1. Just made this and did in a long over due bathroom (my 3 month old doesn't leave a lot of time or energy for cleaning), and this works great! All I had was Dawn platinum so I scaled back on that a smidge, but my faucets look great. I also put hot water in a spray bottle for my rinse and it was a total won. Thanks for sharing!!

    1. That's awesome!! I'm so glad it worked for you - and thanks so much for sharing!!


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