Pin Busters! German Chocolate Lava Cake

I was reading Six Sisters' Stuff blog the other day and saw their recipe for German Chocolate Lava Cake. I'm pretty sure I also saw it pinned on Pinterest. I like German chocolate cake in small doses since I'm not a huge fan of coconut. Lulu likes it, too, so I thought I'd give this recipe a test run.

The only changes I made to the recipe was to use less coconut. Other than that, I did just what they said - click here if you want to see the recipe, but don't go until you finish reading my blog! :-)

First I mixed part of the sweetened condensed milk with the pecans and coconut...

Then I mixed together the cake mix, canola oil, egg, sour cream, & the rest of the sweetened condensed milk...first I mixed it by hand, because it didn't specify 'how' to mix it, but it was very, very thick & difficult to mix.

So I whipped out the mixer and used that for a couple of minutes. The batter was still really thick - there is no way you could pour this into the pan.

I spooned it into the baking pan and tried to smooth it out, but this stuff was like paste. I finally had to spray non-stick cooking spray on a spatula and used that to flatten the batter so that it was even.

Next, I topped the batter with the milk/pecan/coconut mixture (that section to the right without any topping is for Gus, who hates coconut & isn't that fond of pecans either).

It took a little longer to bake than the recipe stated, which is odd, because my oven runs hot and usually takes less time. After 40 minutes, the toothpick finally came out clean...

I topped it with a little more coconut...

The recipe called for melted chocolate chips to be drizzled over the top. I sprayed non-stick cooking spray in a ziploc bag, then added the chips (semi-sweet & milk chocolate, which is why there are two shades of brown, LOL!). I left the bag unzipped, and heated it 10 seconds at a time, flipping the bag over each time, and smooshing the chips a little.

When they were melted, I cut a corner off the bag so that I could squeeze the chocolate out like frosting in a pastry bag. I should've made the cut a bit smaller because the chocolate was a bit thicker than a drizzle...

Once it cooled a little, it looked pretty yummy!!

It's very rich, and very sticky (so be sure to check your teeth before smiling!)...

Updated verdict: Sort of Pin-worthy. It wasn't bad - it had decent flavor, althought I felt it needed more frosting or something. It also dried out very quickly, and no one ate it after the first day! Definitely a waste of time & money for my family, but for someone who likes a drier cake, it might be okay.

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