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A few weeks ago, Gus, Buddy, & I went down to the Levee for Taste of Levee and Oktoberfest - two for the price of one! It's always fun to wander around people-watching and trying all the different foods.

Check out this dude from The Millenium Robots. He had a boombox and was, well, doing the robot, LOL. He was really good!

Here's a shot of Riverboat Row from up on the Levee...the big tent is where they were having Oktoberfest, so of course we had to check it out...

Naturally, Buddy had to buy a souvenir beer stein - plastic, of course. $12 for a plastic stein full of beer - yikes!

Up on the Levee was where they were holding "Taste of the Levee" - all the different restaurants had booths set up and were selling small portions of food. And ice cold beer. :-)

Check out some of the things we tried:

The best? The clam chowder from Mitchell's Fish Market. The worst? The glazed donut grilled cheese from Tom+Chee. Yep, that's right. It was a glazed donut used as bread for a grilled cheese sandwich. No, I don't know why we tried it.

What's the weirdest thing you've ever eaten?

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