Adventures of Gus and Kim: Sandestin 2012, part 3 - out & about

To finish up the posts about our vacation, I just have a few pictures of us having fun! Looking at them makes me wish I was back in Florida!

Probably the most fun thing we did was take an afternoon dolphin cruise on the Sea Blaster. I use the word cruise for lack of a better word. The Sea Blaster is a 73' speedboat that holds 119 passengers - and it holds the title of being the Gulf's largest speedboat. So the only cruising you do is in the no wake zone. We did this back in 1998, the first year we came to Destin, and it was a lot of fun then, but we never did it again until this year. I think it was even more fun this time! And Capt. Larry is still there! Unfortunately, I didn't get a picture of the boat, but if you click on the Sea Blaster link, you can see one on their website.

The price is extremely reasonable, too. For adults, the price is $22 for a dolphin (1.5 hours) cruise - and there are unlimited free beverages, including beer, wine, soft drinks, and water.

Oh my gosh. I don't know how that last picture got posted. Or why I even took it...

We saw TONS of dolphins - even babies! I tried to videotape it, but it was difficult to hold the camera steady and it also recorded all of the background music and people talking.

And that concludes the vacation posts (for now) - you can check out Part 1 and Part 2 by clicking on the links!


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