Pin Busters! D-I-Y Dry Erase Board

My life is in my iPhone. If it's not on my calendar (and set up with an alarm), it's probably not going to happen, because I'll forget it. I also have a calendar hanging in the kitchen where I write everyone's appointments and Buddy & Lulu's work schedules. But I really like to see my "week at a glance", written out where I can see it when I walk by - just a reminder of what I need to do that day (or the next couple of days). So when I saw this D-I-Y dry erase board on Pinterest, I knew I was going to try to make one.

I gathered all of my supplies (purchased at JoAnn's):
  • 8-opening collage frame - sale $15
  • 4 sheets of double-sided scrapbook paper - sale $.69 ea.
  • pkg. of rub-on letters - sale $1.50
  • pkg. of scrapbook tags/frames - sale $2
  • double-sided tape (already had)
  • X-acto knife (already had)
  • scissors (already had)
  • an old box, opened flat, to protect the table while cutting

I needed to cut 8 pieces of the scrapbook paper to fit inside the frames, so I used the back of one of the frames as a template. I placed the paper & template on the cutting surface and used the X-acto knife to make two quick cuts. No measuring or marking needed!

Since I didn't want to put the lettering on the glass as shown in the original instructions, I bought these little scrapbook tags to attach directly to the scrapbook paper. I used a popsicle stick (included with the letters) to rub the letters onto the tags

It was about this time that Patrick showed up to lend a helping hand watch supervise.

I used double-sided tape to attach the tags to the paper.

Here's a close-up of the finished frames:

And hanging on the wall/cabinet:

The verdict: Sort of Pin-worthy. It's cute, it matches my kitchen, and it didn't take too long to make. But the cost was $20-25 (and that was with everything 50% off), and the writing surfaces are pretty small. I definitely would like it better if it was just a bit bigger (I didn't see any larger collage frames). So if you had a small desk area where space is at a premium, this would probably work well. I have a couple of other things planned for the area where I hung mine, so when that's finished, I'll be sure to show you what I did!

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