Fall colors 2012

Pantone has released their fall fashion color report for 2012. Apparently, these will be the most prominent colors we'll see in women's clothing this fall. I'm surprised that I actually like them all! LOL! I think my favorites are rose smoke, French roast, ultramarine green, & rhapsody. I also like the titanium and honey gold, but grey and yellow are not usually good colors on me.

I created some fun sets on Polyvore using the Fall 2012 colors - and I would absolutely wear all of these outfits:

Pantone Fall 2012 - pink flambé

Pantone Fall 2012 - French roast & bright chartreuse

Pantone Fall 2012 - ultramarine green & Olympian blue

Pantone Fall 2012 - rose smoke & French roast

Pantone Fall 2012 - rhapsody & French roast

Pantone Fall 2012 - honey gold, titanium, & tangerine tango

Now I just need to go shopping!! (I hope Gus doesn't see this!) What do you think of the fall colors?

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