{enjoy the view} Ribbon Cork Board

(inspired by Jo-Ann's Ribbon Craft Board from "Cape Discovery" #summerfojoann))

For this project, I started with:

1) Decide where you want to place the ribbons - there's no "set" place, as long as they're all equidistant. Measure the lengths you need, and hot glue them into place. If you have a cork board with a removable frame, you can adhere the ribbons to the back of the board and then replace it in the frame.

2) Cut out a section of scrapbook paper to fit across the bottom of the cork board. Mine had flowers, so I cut out the flower shapes along the top for some dimension. I added a few rhinestones to the paper, too.

3) Add felt stickers - they're very sticky, so be sure you have them positioned correctly before pressing them into place.

4) Use hot glue to attach rhinestones to top of pushpins.

5) Add rhinestones to the edges of the board where the ribbons meet.

6) Paint mini clothespins, and when dry, add a coat of sparkle glaze.

7) Tie a small knot in each end of the jute, then use two pushpins to attach it to the cork board. Add the clothespins to the jute.

All that's left is to add pictures or whatever you want to display!

Super easy - fun - inexpensive craft for the kids!

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