{enjoy the view} Embellished Paper Mache Letters

(inspired by Jo-Ann's "Quest" Letters from "Cape Discovery" #summerfojoann)

Here's what I used:

1) Trace letters onto scrapbook paper

2) Cut out letters

3) Paint cardboard letters

4) When dry, top with sparkle glaze. I only did this on the edges that wouldn't be covered by paper.

5) To apply paper letters - apply Mod Podge or other adhesive to surface of letter...

6) Then carefully align paper letter with edges of cardboard letter and press into place.

7) Since I used coordinating paper for this side of the letters, I embellished each one a little differently. For the floral paper, I put rhinestones in the center of the flowers - and for the dotted paper, I outlined the entire letter in rhinestones.

One side finished!

8) For the other side of the letters, you repeat steps 1-6.

For this side, I used a different color and textured paper for each letter - hot pink embossed hearts, deep purple velvet, and shiny lime green with glitter.

9) For the embellishment, I used felt owl stickers from Jo-Ann's. They are very sticky, so be sure you have them positioned correctly before you press them into place.

How cute are they??

Be sure to check out Jo-Ann's "Quest" Letters tutorial...

And, of course, my tutorial for the coordinating Ribbon Cork Board!

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