Travel Made Easy with the American Shield Granite 25 Backpack (and a discount code!)

Do any of you use a backpack for travel? Gus and I love to travel, but unfortunately, my degenerative disc disease and arthritis is getting worse, which makes travel (and daily life!) uncomfortable. I've especially been having difficulty carrying even small bags. Recently, one of my doctors suggested that a backpack might be the answer. Can you believe that I've never owned a backpack until now?

The American Shield Granite 25 backpack in black sitting on an ivory furry rug

(Thank you to American Shield for sponsoring this post. The opinions in this post are based on my experience with the product and are 100% my own.)

On our most recent trip to Florida I used the American Shield Granite 25 Fashion and Style Backpack as my carry-on, and I kept asking myself - why didn't I do this sooner? I think I just assumed a backpack wouldn't hold all of my essentials or that it would be difficult to retrieve items from it once it was packed. I was wrong.

The interior is so roomy and full of pockets! I was able to pack my iPad, portable keyboard, and planner in the padded laptop pocket, jewelry in two of the interior pockets, flip flops in the side interior pockets, and a flat toiletry bag in the main area. At the last minute, I even rolled up a cozy wrap and stashed it in the top of the main compartment in case I got cold on the plane. And I still had room to spare!

Interior of the American Shield Granite 25 backpack - red and white striped fabric lining and many pockets

The drawstring closure made sure that nothing fell out when the bag was turned on its side in the overhead bin of the plane. I could have easily packed more because I didn’t even use the exterior side pockets, back pocket, or zippered pocket on the strap!

Drawstring at the top of the interior of the American Shield Granite 25 backpack

In the lower front exterior section I was able to pack several pens, a baggie with device chargers and earbuds, sunglasses in a hard clamshell case, and a computer mouse - again, with plenty of room to spare.

Exterior front compartment of the American Shield Granite 25 backpack.

The leather straps that fasten both sections of the backpack have heavily magnetized snaps that are easy to fasten and unfasten. It took just a few seconds to flip them open and remove my iPad for security screening.

Close-up of the snap closures on the backpack straps

The backpack easily fit in the overhead storage compartment on the plane and I think it would have also fit under the seat. Best of all? With the padded shoulder straps and the weight evenly distributed, I didn’t have any problems toting it around the airport and on the plane! No neck or shoulder pain and Gus didn’t have to carry anything for me.

Close-up of the padded straps on the Granite 25 backpack

I chose the black fabric with black leather straps because I felt it would be best for travel. But there are other options: black with brown leather, coffee (tan) with brown leather, and olive green with brown leather. All classics that will never go out of style - designed and made in the USA.

Pinnable image of a black backpack

I love that it's not bulky and easily holds all of my essentials. This is going to be my go-to bag for all of my travels - even day trips. Gus keeps trying to take it to use for work (he transports a laptop and files), so it would obviously be a good option for that as well.

DISCOUNT CODE: The Granite 25 backpack is priced at $299, but I have a 20% off code for you, bringing the cost down to $239.20. Just use code AMESHIELD8020 at checkout to receive the discount.


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