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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Basic Invite. All opinions are 100% mine.

If you follow me on social media, then you know that my daughter is newly engaged. The proposal was so well-planned by her fiance that it went off without a hitch. He was so sweet to not only involve all of the parents in the planning, but also to have us all there for the big day.

Now they've moved into the next stage: choosing a venue and date. We've toured a few places and have a couple more on the calendar. Can I just say that wedding planning is exciting and so much fun? And stressful! It's difficult when you need to rely on others to give you what you want when you want it. When you find companies with great products who deliver in a timely manner it definitely goes a long way towards relieving some of that stress.

Four different personalized save-the-date cards lying on a wooden table
Modern Painting, Brush Frame, Blushing Gold, and Heart Beat Save-the-Date cards from Basic Invite

While they haven't agreed on a venue or date yet, they do agree that they want Save-the-Date cards. They have a large group of friends in the 28-32 age group with very busy lives who will be invited to the wedding. Many live in different towns or states, so it's especially important that they get a "heads up" on the wedding date for planning purposes. Of course, family will attend the wedding no matter what, but they're going to enjoy having a photo as well as a reminder of the date.

Laptop computer sitting on a table (with flowers in the background) with the browser open to the Basic Invite save-the-date page

We ordered samples of my daughter's favorite cards from Basic Invite. There are so many ways to personalize your cards! Since we didn't have official engagement photos or a wedding date, we created our samples using a random date and photos we had on hand. Most of the personalization options are free, but there are a few modifications that have a fee. It's so easy - you just click to edit!

  • font style and color (free)
  • background color, if applicable (free) 
  • wording (free)
  • photo, if applicable (free)
  • choice of paper: signature matte or coated are free (others have an additional charge)
  • square (free) or rounded edges (add'l charge)
  • add text or design to back of card (add'l charge)
  • adding guest and return address to envelope, choosing font and font color (free)
  • add return address only to envelope (add'l charge)

Three different Save-the-Date cards lying on an open laptop computer
Blushing Gold, Brushed Frame, and Heart Beat Save-the-Date cards

We ordered the samples on September 5, and were given an estimated arrival date of September 18. The customized samples arrived in just four days - very impressive! I can't even begin to tell you how exciting (and emotional) it was to pull these cards out of the envelope! It's really happening, folks!

Heart Beat Save-the-Date card from Basic Invite
Heart Beat Save-the-Date card: we customized the color and placement of the heart 

The quality of the paper is amazing, the printing is crystal clear, and they look just like they did when we created them online! Samples are priced at $2.99 each (including an envelope), which is a great price for a fully customized sample that you can either mail or keep as a memento. Every bride wants each detail of her wedding to be perfect, so being able to see your unique Save-the-Date card before ordering a whole batch is a stress-reliever!

Blushing Gold Save-the-Date card from Basic Invite
Blushing Gold Save-the-Date card: we customized the background colors

Next up: Gus and I will be checking out another venue this week. This might be "the one" and it's so unique! Then we will be taking a family beach vacation in October, and we have a photographer lined up to not only take the official engagement photos but to also take photos for our 30th wedding anniversary. Life is good.

Pinnable image of three Basic Invite Save-the-Date cards lying on an open laptop computer

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