Adventures of Gus and Kim: Dining in Lexington, Kentucky - Malone's

How delicious does this blackened mahi-mahi topped with prawns over whipped potatoes look? Good enough to eat, right?

Blackened mahi over whipped potatoes at Malone's in Lexington, KY

A few weeks ago, Gus and I were in Lexington for the day, and we decided to eat dinner while we were there. We had been to Harry's (and enjoyed it) when Lulu graduated from pharmacy school, so we decided to go there again.

Harry's and Malone's are both part of the Bluegrass Hospitality Group, along with Drake's, Aqua Sushi, OBC Kitchen, and Malone's Prime Events & Receptions. We went to the Hamburg location, where Malone's, Harry's and Aqua Sushi are all in the same building.

brick building with a sign that says "Malone's"

I think it's awesome that you can order from any of the three restaurants, regardless of where you're seated. We intended to order from the Harry's menu (love their mini cheeseburger platter!), but we both ended up ordering from the Malone's menu. Can I just say WOW?!

building behind shrubs

First, the restaurant has a great ambiance. I would call it casual elegance. We were in shorts, as were many people, but there were also people in business casual dress. The waitstaff was outstanding. I wish I could remember our waiter's name because he went above and beyond.

interior of restaurant

Now let's talk about the food. Bread is life. Or it was until I developed insulin resistance. At home I eat low-carb bread, but occasionally, if a restaurant has exceptionally good bread, I will eat a piece. I confess - I had two pieces of this bread!! Yum!


Next up was the Bottomless Lexington salad. They bring a large bowl and two plates to your table - and they will bring as many refill bowls as you want. The salad consists of mixed greens, tomato, bacon, and house-made creamy herb dressing. I usually prefer my dressing on the side, but this was perfect. I think I could probably make a meal out of this salad - it's so good!

Lexington salad

As you saw in the first photo, Gus ordered the blackened mahi-mahi over whipped potatoes. He loved it so much that he has already said he wants to come back in August for his birthday dinner!

I ordered their anniversary special - 6 oz. filet, side item, and salad for $20. This was seriously one of the best filets I've ever had in my life. Definitely on par with Harbor Docks in Destin. And it was cooked to perfection. I like my steak rare - but warm in the center - which should be medium rare. But a lot of restaurants seem to think medium rare is really medium, and there is only pink in the center, not red. I splurged and ordered a baked potato with butter and sour cream as my side. I had a difficult time choosing between the baked potato and the mac-n-cheese, but the potato won. This time. (Warning: There is a photo of my filet below, and it's medium rare. If the sight of red steak bothers you, scroll by quickly!)

baked potato with butter and sour cream

medium rare filet

By the time we were finished eating, we were stuffed. But the dessert menu had two of Gus' favorites: coconut cream pie and crème brûlée. We decided to share the crème brûlée there, and get the coconut cream pie to go. Sooooo good!!

Crème brûlée

Coconut cream pie

A note about the coconut cream pie: Gus ended up not liking it because there was coconut in the filling. He prefers his coconut cream pie to have smooth filling with coconut only on top. So I ate the pie. If the best cheesecake in the world and a coconut cream pie had a baby, it would taste like this pie. It was the BEST coconut cream pie I've ever had - and I don't like coconut cream pie - or cheesecake!

If you're in the Lexington area and are wondering where to eat lunch or dinner, we recommend Malone's/Harry's in Hamburg. There's something for everyone (kids are welcome), and you'll be glad you stopped in!

Malone's is one of our favorite places to eat in Lexington, KY - be sure to give it a try! #adventuresofgusandkim #malones #wheretoeat #kentucky #lexington #kentuckyeats #travel #restaurant #placestoeatinLEX #enjoytheviewblog

Malone's Hamburg
1920 Pleasant Ridge Drive
Lexington, Kentucky  40509
(859) 264-8023
Hours: 11am - 10:30pm daily
(This location also houses Harry's and Aqua Sushi)

Do you have a favorite place to eat in Lexington or the surrounding area? If so, would you let me know? We're always looking for new places to try! Tell me in the comments, on Instagram or Snapchat


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