Tuesday Brewsday: Grayton Beer Company - Santa Rosa Beach, Florida

If you follow me on Instagram and/or Snapchat, you know that one of our favorite things to do is visit different breweries - whether we're at home or on vacation.

In the couple of years we've been doing this, I've learned a lot about beer (with much more yet to learn). I've gone from only liking a couple of specific beers to really enjoying many different brews. It was all about learning what types of beer appeal to my sense of taste. I now believe that if someone says they don't like beer, they just haven't tried the right one.

Adventures of Gus and Kim: Drinking in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida - If you're a beer lover, then you must stop by the Grayton Beer Company the next time you visit the Destin area!

When we were in Destin in October, one of the breweries we visited was the Grayton Beer Company. We loved this place! They have the coolest taproom, and they have the best sign out front. Next time, I want to visit in the evening so I can see the lights!

Grayton Beer Company sign

Entrance to Grayton Beer Company

The beers on tap include their year-round brews as well as ones you can only get here. If you've read my post about The Great Southern Cafe in Seaside, then you know that Grayton's 30A Beach Blonde Ale is one of my all-time favorite beers. It's light and refreshing - very easy to drink, wherever, whenever. It's my go-to beer when eating out in Destin. Just about every place offers it, and I indulge since I can't get it at home. When we're in Destin, we always buy enough to bring home.

bar with tap list and people sitting around

flight of beer
#4 Salt of the Gulf, #6 White Dunes, #13 Rosé of the Gulf, #14 Blueberry Blonde, #8 30A Beach Blonde

From this visit:

My favorites*:
  • 30A Beach Blonde Ale
  • Salt of the Gulf (Gose)
  • Rosé of the Gulf (Gose)
  • Blueberry Blonde Ale
  • White Dunes (Witbier)
  • Franklin County Oyster Stout (Bourbon Barrel)
Gus' favorites*:
  • 30A Beach Blonde Ale
  • White Dunes
Buddy's favorites*:
  • 30A Beach Blonde Ale
  • Salt of the Gulf
  • Rosé of the Gulf
  • Fish Whistle IPA
  • Blueberry Blonde Ale
  • 1890 Founder's Ale

Honestly, there wasn't anything I tried that I didn't like. That tends to be true once you know what appeals to your specific taste. But some brews will go beyond that and become something you want to have over and over again. That's the way I felt about Grayton's offerings.

taproom & fermentor tanks

pinnable image of Grayton Beer Company

The taproom itself is great (or should I say Grayt?) It's child and dog-friendly. Part of the brewery is visible from the tables in the taproom. (You can call to schedule a tour and/or tasting.) Some evenings they offer live music, and there is often a food truck outside.

They also have a ton of must-have products. We dropped some serious coin buying stuff we just had to have! We bought t-shirts, pint glasses, a metal sign, coasters, and would've bought more clothing, but they didn't have our sizes. I still check the online store every so often for the long-sleeved tee that will be mine as soon as they restock my size!

Here's where/when you can find them:
217 Serenoa Road, Santa Rosa Beach, FL

Monday - Wednesday 9am - 5pm
Thursday & Friday 9am - 8pm
Saturday 12pm - 6pm

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If you love beer, give Grayton Beer Company a try on your next trip to the Destin area - you won't be sorry!

What's your favorite brewery? We're always looking for new ones to try! If you're interested in our drinking adventures, be sure to follow me on Instagram and Snapchat because that's where you'll see the most pictures/info!

*A note about our beer preferences:
Me: witbier, Hefeweizen, fruit beer, Berliner Weisse, Gose, blonde ale, white ale, non-coffee-flavored stouts, Kentucky common ale, ginger beer, some saisons, and some Scotch ales
Gus: witbier, Hefeweizen, blonde ale, red ale, Belgian tripel, Kentucky common ale
Buddy: IPA, fruit beer, Berliner Weisse, Gose, blonde ale, red ale, stouts (especially coffee-flavored), porter, Belgian tripel, Belgian quad, saison


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