Product Review: Que Bella® Replenishing Dead Sea Mud Mask

Today, I'm reviewing another mask that I received in a Target Beauty Box. These little masks from Que Bella® Bath & Beauty are inexpensive ($1.99) and readily available in my local store, so I assume that would be true of most Target stores.

packet of Que Bella Dead Sea Mud mask

They have several different masks, but the one I'm reviewing today is the Replenishing Dead Sea Mud Mask. It is usually sold individually, but the one that was in the beauty box was paired with another mask, so my picture of the package looks a little different than what you would see in the store or online.

two packets of Que Bella masks


ingredient list for Que Bella Dead Sea Mud mask

(Note: On the mask from the beauty box, fragrance was near the top of the ingredient list, but the mask package shown on the Target website lists fragrance as the third from last ingredient (only pigments are listed after). So I don't know which one is correct - or perhaps both are correct and they did a reformulation.)

Que Bella® Replenishing Dead Sea Mud Mask

I was a little concerned that there was fragrance in the product. As you know, I prefer to use fragrance-free products on my face, but sometimes if there is very little fragrance added, I am able to use the product without any irritation. I didn't really notice too much of a scent when I opened the package, so I decided to go ahead and apply.

Que Bella® Replenishing Dead Sea Mud Mask

The consistency of the mask was about what you would expect for a mud mask - fairly thick, but creamy and easy to apply. It's a little difficult to see in the photos, but it was a pretty, light blue-green color. To me, it looks more like a clay mask than a mineral mud mask, and if you check the ingredient photo, you can see that bentonite and kaolin are listed higher than "silt" - so it's not surprising that it looks that way.

Once applied, I noticed a mild burning sensation that started immediately and didn't go away. It didn't seem to intensify, so I decided to leave the mask on for the entire 15 minutes. There is a generous amount of product, so I was able to apply it fairly heavily.

After 15 minutes, the mask was only partially dry, so it wasn't too difficult to rinse off with warm water. My skin didn't appear to be red or irritated, but it was still stinging just a little. My other skincare products also caused some mild stinging when I applied them, and that never happens. About two days later, I had several small red bumps on my chin and one on my forehead. The breakout could've just been a coincidence, but I usually only get maybe one or two bumps and they're very infrequent and never on my forehead, so I tend to think they are connected to the mask.

Would I buy it again? No. But that's not to say that I wouldn't try their other masks - if they have any without added fragrance. If you don't have sensitive skin, or if added fragrance isn't an issue for you - you may not have any problems with this mask. But I would definitely avoid it if you have any sensitivity at all.

Have you tried any Que Bella® masks? I want to hear about them! Leave a comment here or send me a snap!


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